YILIKISS 1500lb Hydraulic Wheel Skates Dolly Car

YILIKISS 1500lb Hydraulic Wheel Skates Dolly Car Skates Vehicle Positioning Jack Tyre Lift Trolley

  • High Quality: Car Wheel Dolly Jack This product is made of high-strength steel, which is sturdy and durable with long service life, making it convenient for you to solve any car moving problems you encounter in life!
  • Large load-bearing: Hydraulic Wheel Dolly Tire Jack Small body and large load-bearing capacity, easy to push off-road vehicles, light trucks, etc., withstand large weight.
  • Save time and effort: Heavy Duty Rollers with Ratcheting Foot Pedal Moving the car is a breeze, the operation is simple and easy to understand, the vehicle can be moved easily and effortlessly, and the car can be moved quickly with less time spent.
  • Easy to move: Mechanical Car Skates Equipped with four high-quality swivel casters, which rotate very smoothly, which allows you to move the vehicle more effortlessly and conveniently. It is flexible, silent and wear-resistant.
  • Wide Application: For Vehicle Positioning for Car Truck RV Trailer Heavy Duty Vehicle Positioning Hydraulic Tire Jack with Ratcheting Foot Pedal Suitable for small and medium-sized cars and SUV off-road vehicles with tire sizes of 26 inches or less and less than 3 tons. The lift supports 750 kg /unit!

Product Name: Car Wheel Dolly Jack(hydraulic)
Dimensions: 600mm x 560mm x 200mm
Working mode: Hydraulic cylinder drive, foot lift
Drum material: engineering plastic
Drum length: 295mm
Net weight of product: 17.5 kilograms
Working dimensions: unfolding roller spacing of 595mm, closing roller spacing of 270mm
Lifting capacity: 750 kg
Applicable models: Suitable for small and medium-sized sedans and SUVs with a tire size of 19 inches and less, weighing less than 3 tons
Packaging dimensions: 85 x 60.5 x 21.5 cm

How to operate:
1. When using, pull out the safety latch, rotate the hydraulic valve counterclockwise for 1 turn, and use hydraulic contraction to relieve pressure;
2. Expand the vehicle transfer device with force, push the vehicle transfer device from the outside of the wheel tire, and tighten the hydraulic valve clockwise;
3. Step on the pedal to gradually “squeeze” the vehicle tires between the rollers, shortening the distance between the rollers, thereby squeezing the wheels off the ground;
4. After the four wheels are lifted off the ground and the safety pins are inserted, the vehicle can be pushed;
5. After the car moves to the designated location, pull out the safety pin and rotate the hydraulic valve counterclockwise for 1 turn to allow the hydraulic retractor to release the pressure and the wheels will automatically lower, and take away the car mover!

Package Including
Packing list:
1x Car Wheel Dolly Jack (hydraulicmodel)

Weight: 18.3 kg
Dimensions: 61 x 56 x 25 cm; 18.3 kg
Manufacture: YILIKISS