VITCOCO Ear Wax Removal Tool with Ear Camera, Ear

VITCOCO Ear Wax Removal Tool with Ear Camera

VITCOCO Ear Wax Removal Tool with Ear Camera, Ear Irrigation Flushing System for Adults & Kids, Ear Cleaner Ear Wax Remover with Ear Basin,9+1 Ear Tips, Syringe, 7 Ear Pickers Ki

  • 【1080P HD Ear Cleaner】Our ear wax removal features a 1080P HD in-ear camera and 6 LED lights, allowing for a clear view of the inside of the ear canal,, which helps to clean the ear canal without going to see a doctor regularly. You can use your mobile phone to view the ear canal and record screenshots and videos.
  • 【Safe and Effective】 The ear syringe kit can spray 5 shower -like water flow, which can gently spray water to clean the ears without damage the ear canal. At the same time, we provide 9 replaceable disposable soft ear tip and 1 five -hole spray earplugs to ensure hygiene and safety between different users.
  • 【Instruction for Use】Ear cleaning device: 1. Bottle near the body temperature (37+2 ° C). 2. Put the earplugs at the end of the ear cleaner. 3. Put the small curved area of the earplugs near the ears. 4. Set the corresponding position and start cleaning the ear wax. 5. Rinse and dry ears with towels, or let them dry in the air.
  • 【For All Ages】Our earwax remover is suitable for patients of all ages, including adults, adolescents, and children. The ear is a sensitive area that requires special and meticulous care. By using our products, you can safely, effectively, and gently remove earwax, dirt, and debris, making your ears cleaner and more comfortable.
  • 【Packaging List]】Complete Ear Cleaner System Includes: 1 x Visual Otoscope, 7 x ear spoons kit, 6 x earmuffs, 1 x USB Type-C Charging Cable, 1 x ear washing machine, 1 x Ear Basin, 9 x disposable soft ear tips; 1x Five holes Tips and 1 x Instruction Manua;

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Origin: China

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Ear Wax Removal KitEar Wax Removal Kit
  1. Ear Wax Removal Kit
  2. Ear Wax Removal Kit
  1. Ear Wax Removal Kit
  2. Ear Wax Removal Kit
  3. Ear Wax Removal Kit
123Ear Wax Removal Kit