Pedal Trainer Electronic Physical Therapy

Pedal Trainer Electronic Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Stationary Fitness Bike

Pedal Trainer Electronic Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Stationary Fitness Bike,Arm And Leg Exerciser Machine For Handicap Disabled Stroke 70W Spasm Mode

  • INTELLIGENT ANTI-SPASM: When the spasm occurs, the machine will automatically recognize, the user's hand is stiff, the machine will stop automatically for 3 seconds, and it will be automatically turned off after three times of recognition, to avoid potential safety hazards.
  • DUAL-MODE ADJUSTMENT: humanized active and passive dual-mode, free choice of training mode, easy to do rehabilitation exercise, daily exercise, improve physical strength and physical flexibility.
  • 12 GEAR IS ADJUSTABLE: the upper and lower parts of the training machine have adjustable of 12 gears, and the can be adjusted according to the needs of the trainer. A rehabilitation exercise program can also be developed. Let your hands and feet exercise at the same time.
  • LCD LARGE-SCREEN OPERATION PANEL: large-screen LED display, blue backlight, control panel clear interface, easy to operate, at a glance.
  • ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: forward and reverse two movement modes, forward/reverse, Exercise from different directions. Upper limb height/angle can be adjusted freely


The lower limb pedaling adopts anti-slip technology and has high safety factor. The pedal-type pedal increases the friction between the foot and the pedal and is not easy to fall off.

The bottom is non-slip, the thicker brackets enhance the stability of the machine, and the bottom is non-slip, which protects the sliding of the rehabilitation device during exercise.

With cotton protectors and foot supports to help passive users of hemiplegia

You can exercise positive or negative in the upper and lower limbs, or you can exercise separately. You are free to choose!

Aerobic exercise every day, arms, waist, legs are more flexible.

Product Name: Intelligent upper and lower limb rehabilitation device

Material: Shell: ABS resin plastic LED screen

Exercise mode: active and passive training

Exercise area: upper limbs, lower limbs

Speed range: 0-10 adjustable

Product size: 45*75*105cm

Net weight: 13kg

Mode switching: automatic / manual

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Rated load: 120KG

Rated voltage: AC220C

Rated power: 70W

Brand: MNBVH
Model: MNBVH