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Paint by Numbers Kits

Paint by Numbers Kits, Oil Painting Works The Hand Of God with 3 Brushes and Acrylic Paint Painting Kit 40x52in for Kids and Adults Beginner DIY Gift Arts Kits for Home Decoration (Without Frame) W41

  • ☛ [ PAINT BY NUMBERS KIT FOR ADULTS BEGINNER ] : Paint by number kits usually come with simple instructions and color numbers, And Follow the instructions, You don't need to have any basic skill of painting to do this. Simply paint the correct color in the lines and enjoy the beautiful outcome! Perfect craft gift choice for adults and kids who is beginner level with patience, Also Especially good for people who love to paint but are not very good doing it free hand.
  • ☛ [ HIGH QUALITY LINEN CANVAS ] : Adult paint by number kits provides a high-density waterproof canvas, ensuring the uniformity of the canvas texture, making the coloring process easier and more enjoyable. The thick acrylic paints can maintain the brightness and richness of colors for a long time, making the artworks more durable and enduring.
  • ☛ [ FOSTERING RELATIONSHIPS ] : A framed paint by numbers kit is a creative art activity that can ignite young minds' imagination and artistic talents. When parents and their youngsters engage in number painting together, it not only enhances the emotional bond between them but also fosters communication and interaction. By exploring the charm of colors, shapes, and lines together, parents and their little ones can establish deeper intimacy.
  • ☛ [ PERFECT HOMES TO DECORATION AND GIFTS ] : Painting by numbers for adults is perfect for home decoration, can be used to decorate homes likes Living room office wall decor, bedroom, dinning room and study room or many other places. When you finished the painting by numbers kit, You will enjoy the fun of doing it yourself artwork. also can be best gift choice for your friends or family. Ideal gift for anyone who would like to dabble in painting but is a bit timid to paint an original.
  • ☛ [ PAINT BY NUMBER KITS ] : This adults' paint-by-number kits has a complete tool includes a HD Linen Canvas, ecessary tool accessories, a reference image, 3 different brushes, and a set of acrylic paints.

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— JAXIACO DIY Paint by Numbers for Adults Kits Includes:

1.HD Linen Canvas*1
2. Reference image*1
3. Brushes*3
4. Necessary tool accessories
5. A set of acrylic paints

EASILY REMOVE CREASES: Using an iron to remove the creases from the back of the canvas, Flatting the canvas under the heavy for 1-3 days to get creases out!

— Important Reminders:

1.If you are really careless to fill in a wrong color, please wait the paint to get dry and then cover the wrong part with the correct color.
2.Keep the lid tightly closed when the pigment is not in use to prevent rapid drying. If the paint is too dry, add 1-2 drops of water to stir evenly, remember don’t too much.
3.Make sure to thoroughly clean the paintbrush when it’s not in use.
4. If you have any questions, please reach out to us promptly via email, and we will assist with any issues you encounter.

Tip: If the paint can’t cover the numbers on the canvas, you can gently apply more paint on the number part, don’t press the number part too hard. If the actual paint color does not match the picture or card, please paint according to the numbers on the canvas, or DIY yourself to exercise your painting ability.

1. The product has no frame.
2. Due to different monitors, there may be slight color differences. Please refer to the actual product.