KCT Stainless Steel Portable Folding BBQ With Tool

KCT Stainless Steel Portable Folding BBQ With Tool Kit Camping Picnic Outdoor Foldable Charcoal Barbecue Cooking

KCT Stainless Steel Portable Folding BBQ With Tool Kit Camping Picnic Outdoor Foldable Charcoal Barbecue Cooking

  • Entertain With Ease – The KCT Portable Barbeque grill is sturdy yet lightweight and can be easily picked up with the side located handles. A great choice for parties, BBQs, Camping, park trips, beach days or for use in gardens with minimal space for a permanent cooking space
  • Folding Portable Grill – The KCT Stainless Steel BBQ And BBQ Kit is a handy portable grill set that can be folded away when not in use. Simply unfold the 4 legs and secure in place. The BBQ is easy to assemble and can be put up in minutes, ideal for last minute parties or late night BBQs
  • Increased Cooking Space – The BBQ has 2 rust resistant and easy to clean chrome plated bottom grills and 2 mesh cooking panels that sit on the top. A handle is provided to ensure safe removal of the grills and each foot has an anti slip rubber cover.
  • Improved Air Flow and Heat Regulation – Ventilation holes are present at each end of the cooking bowl, this helps to control airflow and circulation as well as keep the heat equally regulated for fast and efficient charcoal burning.
  • Dimensions (L x w x H): 90 x 33.5 x 70.5cm Approx. With BBQ Set that includes tongs, spatula, forks and an Apron

The KCT Stainless Steel Portable BBQ with Tool Kit is a great choice for around the garden, camp ground and the outdoors.

The grill is compact and lightweight and has been designed to be installed quickly. With foldable legs, the bottom can be unfolded quickly and the BBQ grill placed where needed. This is perfect for gardens with limited space and especially for travelling and camping, making it a great cooking stove for those camp trips.

Being lightweight, the BBQ can be packed away in cars and caravans with ease and can be carried to most open spaces without hassle. When not in use, the folding BBQ can be stored away in small spaces in garages, sheds, caravans and car boots.

Packed full of features, the KCT Portable grill has 2 chrome plated charcoal grills at the base and 2 large capacity mesh net cooking panels that sit on the top of the stove, creating space for grilling all types of food.

At the sides of the stove are ventilation holes that help control air flow and circulation as well as effective heat regulation, preventing food being cooked uneven. Handles sit on either side to make packing away and picking up easy, and this is recommended to be done when the grill is cold. The BBQ has sturdy legs with non slip rubber feet that ensures the BBQ is safe to use.

The BBQ comes with a handy tool kit. The set consists of 4 pieces neatly rolled up in an apron, a Fork, Tongs and Spatula, sit securely in pockets of the apron Then when the day is over the apron doubles as a roll up holder to keep the tools together and safe.


Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 90 x 33.5 x 70.5cm *

Cooking Area (L x W) : 70 x 29.7cm

Overall Grill Area (L x W x H): 70 x 29.7 x 10cm

Bottom Charcoal Grills (L x W) : 35 x 20cm

Cooking Grid – Large (L x W) : 44 x 29.7cm

Cooking Grid – Small (L x W) : 25 x 29.7cm

* Dimensions are approx and at max width when assembled

Pack Quantity: 1
Manufacture: KCT
Quantity: 1