instax WIDE 400 instant camera, Automatic exposure

Automatic exposure and flash control

instax WIDE 400 instant camera, Automatic exposure and flash control, WIDE picture format, tripod socket, Green, Film sold separately

  • Designed exclusively for the instax WIDE 400 instant camera
  • Colour-matched to the camera body
  • With an internal buffer lining, this protects your camera even on the toughest of adventures
  • Buckle fitting so you wear around the waist

The perfect protection for your instax WIDE 400 insant camera, color-matched to the camera and with a buckle fitting you can wear this as close.

Weight: 229 Grams
Size: One Size
Dimensions: 10 x 20 x 15 centimetres
Brand: instax
Model: 70100163529
Part: 70100163529
Colour: Black
Colour: Black
Size: One Size

From the manufacturer

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The instax WIDE 400, a reimagined WIDE format analog instant camera that lets you explore all things wide.

Featuring automated exposure and flash controls, the instax WIDE 400 takes care of the image quality, while you focus on filling the wider frame to perfection.

With the iconic analog-style self-timer lever, wide group shots can now fit the whole group in. By rotating the dial, you can set four, six, eight or ten second increments before pressing the shutter button, then pose until the magic happens (with the LED countdown, it’s easy to keep track of time).

To get the perfect viewpoint, the instax WIDE 400 comes with a camera angle adjustment accessory. With two height options you can pick the angle you want, slide the accessory into the custom fit space under the camera, set the self-timer and step back into the frame.

When adventure calls, go wide.The understated green body gives this instant camera a ruggedly beautiful feel, complete with shoulder strap, to keep your camera easily at hand, on the go. There’s even a built-in tripod mount and an optional protective carry case, for those who love that ‘photo-journo’ vibe.

Ruggedly beautiful


Where a sense of adventure meets modern styling. The instax WIDE 400 comes in a fresh, understated green, making this instant camera look even more momentous. And for those who carry a tripod with them, you’ll find a handy tripod mount on the bottom.

Heading out? The neat shoulder strap is the perfect addition to any adventure.

Opt for the unique carry case, and you’ll have a real conversation-starter on your hands..

instax, WIDE 400, Instant cameraINSTAX, WIDE 400, instant cameraINSTAX, WIDE 400, Instant camera Look sharp


With two focus modes, capturing super-authentic instax photos overflowing with stories is a given.

Normal mode offers simplicity at its finest, helping you treasure everyday moments.

Enter Landscape mode to capture those breathtakingly beautiful landscape shots.

Or connect the close-up lens attachment to make sure you don’t miss a thing when up close.