GeRRiT Fan And Lid/Door Switch Replacement Kit,Fan

GeRRiT Fan And Lid/Door Switch Replacement Kit

GeRRiT Fan And Lid/Door Switch Replacement Kit,Fan And Lid/Door Switch Replacement Kit Compatible For MASTERBUILT Gravity Series MB20040220, MB20041020 MB2004132

  • 【Fan Kit for Performance】Made of high-temperature plastic, the fan in this kit offers a longer service life. It provides stronger and more stable wind power to accelerate combustion efficiency, accurately control temperatures, and maintain the desired temperature.
  • 【Electric Wire Kit for Installation】The electric wire in this kit, which replaces 9904190045, is made of materials that are resistant to high temperatures. It ensures good conductivity and is easy to install, allowing for replacement.
  • 【Compatible for Gravity Series】This fan and lid/door switch replacement kit is specifically designed for the Gravity Series MB20040220, MB20041020, MB20041220, MB20041320, MB20040221, MB
  • 【Hopper Lid/Door Switch for Safety】Replacing the original 9904190041 switch, this hopper lid/door switch is AC 250V, 50/60Hz, 2A. It is safe and reliable, high-temperature resistant, and wear-resistant. It has undergone strict testing, ensuring stable performance and installation.
  • 【Package Includes】This kit includes 1 fan kit, 1 set of electric wire kit, and 3 hopper lid/door switches. If you encounter any issues after purchase, we will provide you with satisfactory solutions as soon as possible.

Part: 6912649278
Manufacture: GeRRiT
Reference: 6912649278