ERSDM Electric Vacuum Food Tumbling Machine,7L

ERSDM Electric Vacuum Food Tumbling Machine

ERSDM Electric Vacuum Food Tumbling Machine,7L Multi-Marinator,Commercial Canister Meat & Vegetable Tumbler Marinator,10h Timing and LCD Display,for Kitchen Food Processing

  • Vacuum Marinator: Electric Commercial Vacuum Tumbler Marinating is in a vacuum state, without destroying the nutrients of the food, and at the same time, it can clean the dirt, harmful microorganisms and reduce the content of fat in the food.
  • Adjustable Time: The commercial meat marinating machine marinating time can be set for ten hours. Roll slowly, about four times a minute, to prevent the marinade from sinking to the bottom and to taste more evenly. 0-10 hours can be adjusted according to different food needs.
  • Working Principle: The vacuum massage tumbler machines according to the principle of vacuum negative pressure tension, combined with slow rolling and evenly stirring the marinade to promote the food to taste quickly.
  • Attention: Please do not stick oil on the outside of the pickling barrel when using meat and vegetable vacuum marinator, and clean the oil and water to prevent the oil and water from contacting the gears and causing slippage.
  • Multi-Purpose: Commercial meat tumbler marinator can marinate meat, vegetables, etc. Electric Meat Tumbler Marinator can be used for home use, or for small hamburger restaurants, fried chicken restaurants, barbecue restaurants, etc.

Electric Meat Tumbler Marinator Automatic Commercial Vacuum Tumbler Marinating Machine, Meat & Vegetable Vacuum Marinator. with one Simple To Use Product, you can marinate your favorite items in 15 Minutes or Less? Vacuum Marinating is the Secret!

15 Minute Marinade System relies on Vacuum Marinating. When a vacuum is created inside the marinating drum, air gaps are created in the meat, fish, pork, etc., and the marinade rushes into these gaps to quickly enhance your favorite flavor.

1.Automatic Vacuum Tumbler Marinating Machine built-in 3 roller columns to improve the pickling efficiency.
2.Bottom power line receiver
3.Humanized vacuum tube receiving tank, convenient to store
4.AS vacuum bucket with high impact resistance and strong heat resistance
5.Canister Meat & Vegetable Marinator vacuum pickling to prevent bacteria from breeding
6.Using the alternate cycle of vacuum pressure and water tension, it can quickly remove residual dirt in meat, seafood, and vegetables.

Product parameters:
Product name: Commercial Meat Marinating Machine
Material: transparent and environmentally friendly AS
Rated power: 4W
Capacity: 7L
Vacuum internal pressure≈45Kpa
Product size: 33*24*25cm

Packing list:
1 * Vacuum Tumbler Marinator

1. Manual measurement, please allow 1~3mm error, thank you.
2. Due to the difference of different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as the picture.

Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 30 cm; 5 kg
Brand: ERSDM
Model: ERSDM
Colour: One Color
Colour: One Color