CosmoGrill Kettle Charcoal Barbecue 54 cm

CosmoGrill Kettle Charcoal Barbecue 54 cm

CosmoGrill Kettle Charcoal Barbecue 54 cm, Freestanding Portable BBQ Grill with Adjustable Vents, Integrated Thermometer and Ash Catcher for Outdoor Home Garden Party Cooking (Kettle)

  • Temperature Control: Achieve culinary perfection with a large grilling area, topped with durable chrome-plated steel grates. With ample cooking space, you can accommodate various meats and veg at the same time. Effortlessly customise your grilling environment for both direct and indirect grilling.
  • More Grilling Control: Keep your culinary creations warm and ready to serve using the durable steel warming rack. Achieve optimal temperatures with the grill's built-in thermometer and air vents. Effortlessly customise the flow of smoke and enjoy that coveted smoky taste.
  • Made For You: Featuring a removable ash pot with a handle, cleaning up after each session is a breeze. This portable grill also comes with a pair of steel grill grate lifters, making it easier to remove the grates to add or remove your desired amount of coal.
  • Storage: With its light yet durable construction, this grill is easy to move and store when not in use. Its modern, compact design is perfect for balconies and terraces alike. Equipped with four sturdy steel legs and two wheels at the bottom of the base shelf, you can store useful grilling equipment and manoeuvre around your garden with ease.

The CosmoGrill Kettle Charcoal Barbecue is the perfect portable grill for travel and outdoor adventures. Its compact size fits balconies or terraces, while the hinged folding lid allows easy opening and closing. Experience the benefits of direct and indirect grilling with the ultimate outdoor companion

Weight: 14.2 kg
Dimensions: 61 x 66 x 96 cm; 14.2 kg
Model: 93462
Part: 93462
Colour: Kettle
Pack Quantity: 1
Manufacture: CosmoGrill
Colour: Kettle
Quantity: 1

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