AOMNTFPD Thermostat Controlled Baby Formula

1.2L Capacity

AOMNTFPD Thermostat Controlled Baby Formula Kettle, 1.2L Capacity, Boil-Dry Protection, Accurate Temperature Control, 24h Constant Temperature, 30s Milk Ready

  • 360° ROTATION – The body of the pot can be rotated by 360°, which is convenient for extraction, prevents children from bumping and scalding, and it is easy to clean 360°.
  • QUICK BOILING – Energy-saving and electricity-saving, energy-saving heating ring heating, 1000W high-power boiling water for about 3~5min, 24H constant temperature power consumption does not exceed 0.24 kWh.
  • 24H CONSTANT TEMPERATURE – 30S rapid milk adjustment, drink milk at night without waiting, 5S pour water, 15s pour milk powder, 10S shake and drink.
  • HIGH BOROSILICATE GLASS – Thick and explosion-proof, calmly face sudden temperature changes, and 304 food grade stainless steel, high rust and corrosion resistance.
  • ADVANTAGES – Fast cooling, 30s milk adjustment, 24h constant temperature, LCD touch control, 2min dechlorination, accurate temperature control, 1.2L large capacity, energy saving and electricity saving, explosion-proof glass, anti-drying.

Product name: Multifunctional milk regulator

Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz

Weight: 1.66Kg

Function: Warm milk / adjust milk / constant temperature

color: White

Power.: 1000w

Capacity: 1.2L


Anti-slip foot pad

Four-point non-slip, stable without tipping

Arc non-slip handle

Ergonomic design, comfortable and effortless grip

Eagle Spout

The water is surging and the water is collected cleanly

SKU: B0D81881DH
Model: bFdB9dQXf7