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Wearable Breast Pump Hands Free: Electric

Wearable Breast Pump Hands Free: Electric Breastfeeding Pump with Massage Leak-Proof 3 Models 9 Levels Adjustable Suction, Low Noise Painless Pumps with 19/21/24mm Flanges

  • Hidden Wearable Breast Pump: The electric breast pump offers ultimate convenience with its chest-mounted design. This hands-free device allows mothers to pump milk effortlessly while engaging in various activities such as working, reading, or practicing yoga. The bra-wearable feature ensures comfort and ease, making it ideal for use while working, driving, breastfeeding, or travel etc, thus enhancing versatility and freedom.
  • 1200mAh Longer Battery Life, Move Freely: With a 1200mAh battery, enjoy longer breasting pump times without worrying about recharging constantly. A full charge in just 2.5 hours provides up to 150 minutes of usage, equivalent to 5-6 pumping sessions. The Type-C charging ensures faster and convenient charging wherever you go.
  • Super Quiet and Anti-reflux Design: Cordless Breast Pump operates at under 40dB, ensuring it won't disturb your baby at night. Made from 100% food-grade, BPA-free silicone, it features an anti-reflux design to prevent milk contamination. The LED smart display shows pump mode, intensity, usage time, and battery level. For convenience, it includes six milk storage bags for easy milk storage.
  • Effortless Breasting Pumping with 3 Modes: This wireless breast pump offers three modes—Massage, Pumping, and Sucking. The suction mode allows for hands-free operation. The massage mode first massages and then suctions to alleviate clogged milk ducts, while the sucking mode imitates a baby’s natural sucking rhythm to enhance milk flow. Additionally, the breast pump features 9 adjustable intensity levels, enabling you to customize it to start at your preferred setting for optimal efficiency.
  • More Comfortable: Electric Breast pump hands free with three size options (19/21/24 mm) for universal fit, is made of food-grade silicone, ensuring comfort and safety for mothers and babies. Its upgraded 180ml capacity reduces the need for frequent milk collection, simplifying the expressing process. All parts are removable and washable, except for the motor, for easy maintenance and hygiene.
  • Safe & Easy To Clean: The accessories of the handsfree breast pump are made of high-quality 0 BPA food-grade silicone, ensuring that every component that comes into contact with breast milk is safe. And the accessories are designed to be easily disassembled, making cleaning a breeze A breeze to make your breastfeeding journey safe and worry-free.

SKU: B0D4M657W6
Origin: China

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