LEGO Minecraft The Ender Dragon and End Ship, Toy

LEGO Minecraft The Ender Dragon and End Ship

LEGO Minecraft The Ender Dragon and End Ship, Toy for 8 Plus Year Old boys & Girls, Features an Enderman Figure, Video-Game Building Set for Independent Play, Gamer Gifts for Kids 21264

  • The Ender Dragon and End Ship – This LEGO Minecraft video-game toy for 8-plus-year-old boys and girls is packed with cool Minecraft characters
  • LEGO Minecraft set – Includes a buildable Ender Dragon toy and ship, plus an Ender Explorer, Ender Knight and a Minecraft Enderman figure
  • Independent play – Kids battle a fully jointed dragon, then explore a ship toy with a removable roof and opening sides to for access to the interior
  • Authentic details – This LEGO Minecraft toy includes weapons, the Ender Explorer’s elytra wings, a firework rocket and the prized dragon’s egg
  • A fun way to build – Discover instructions in the LEGO Builder app, where kids can zoom in and rotate models in 3D, track progress and save sets
  • Minecraft gift idea – LEGO Minecraft The Ender Dragon and End Ship building toy is an imaginative birthday gift for 8-plus-year-old boys, girls and kids who enjoy video-game toys
  • Minecraft made real – LEGO Minecraft building toys for kids give players a different way to enjoy the game, with mobs, scenes and features brought to life with the hands-on creativity of LEGO bricks

Dimensions: 45.6 x 28.2 x 6.1 cm; 963 g
Model: 21264
Material: Plastic
Colour: Multicolor
Pack Quantity: 657
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Age: 8 years and up
Assembly: Yes
Colour: Multicolor
Material: Plastic
Quantity: 657

From the manufacturer

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Fun-packed challenges

The Minecraft thrills never end

Players test their Minecraft skills as they combat a winged End Dragon, fend off an Enderman and Shulker and sail the mighty End Ship before escaping through the exit portal and taking the Ender Dragon’s egg with them.

  1. 21264_Premium A+

    Adjustable End Dragon

    Measuring over 31 cm (12 in.) long, fully jointed and featuring large, movable wings, the Ender Dragon is perfect for dynamic, hands-on action.

  2. 21264_Premium A+

    Opening End Ship

    The End Ship has a fully equipped interior that’s accessed via a lift-off roof and opening sides.

  3. 21264_Premium A+

    Health potion supplies

    Inside the End Ship is a brewing stand where characters can be revived by health potions.

  4. 21264_Premium A+

    Wearable dragon element

    Players can take the dragon’s head from the ship and use it as a helmet for one of the characters.

  5. 21264_Premium A+

    Iconic characters

    Minecraft characters include the tall Enderman, Ender Explorer with elytra wings, Ender Knight with a bow, and a Shulker.

21264_Premium A+21264_Premium A+
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