HIKMICRO Thermal camera for android Mini2, Thermal

HIKMICRO Thermal camera for android Mini2

HIKMICRO Thermal camera for android Mini2, Thermal Imaging Camera 256 x 192 IR Resolution, 25Hz Refresh Rate, 50°Wide Angle, -20°C to 350°C Temperature measurement range, for USB-C (not for iphone 15)

  • 【Enhanced Image Quality 】With 256×192 IR resolution and <0.04 °C thermal sensitivity, the Mini2 ir camera provides outstanding clarity . With 25Hz refresh rate,the Mini2 thermal imaging camera for android phone provides smooth scenes panning view. By adjusting the image sharpness,contrast,brightness and color distribution, you can obtain upscaled image details.
  • 【Flexible Measurement Setting】(1) 3 Dimensions presets: Automatic Center Spot, Hot Spot, Cold Spot recognition; 3 Custom Temperature Spots or 3 Custom Area measurement(Highest,Lowest). (2) Flexible 15 color palettes so you can choose the ideal color scale for your job. (3) Upper and Lower temperature measurement limit.
  • 【Accurate Temperature Reading】In virtue of Hikmicro advanced technology,the Mini2 infrared phone thermal imager can detect temperature differences as small as 0.04℃, and the accuracy of temperature readings discrepancy is within just ±2%.
  • 【Battry-Free, Low Consumption】: Battery-free design so you’ll never need to charge Mini2 usb c thermal camera thermal imager up before use and its 0.36W ultra-low power requirements will run for hours without draining your device’s battery. Tested for 8 Hours of runtime on the Sony XQ-BC72.
  • 【Easy to Use】(1) Plug and play to your android smartphone or tablet and the Mini2 infrared cameras thermal imaging machine is ready to go in seconds. (2) The auto-rotation function automatically synchronizes the screen with the shot direction. The manually "90°" rotation and extension cable allows you flexibly inspecting in any place.
  • 【HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY】3 Years for the Entire Device /10 Years for the Sensor. Lifetime Firmware Updates and Technical Support are included.

Weight: 308 g
Dimensions: 19.3 x 11 x 5.89 cm; 308 g
Model: HM-TJ12-3ARF-Mini2-New
Part: HM-TJ12-3ARF-Mini2-New
Colour: Mini2
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: HIKMICRO
Colour: Mini2

Product Description

  1. 21

    Super Clear Thermal Image

    NETD < 40mK, 256x192 IR resolution, advanced image enhancement algorithm.

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  1. 31
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    Radiometric Images for Secondary Analysis

    • 1 Tap Level & Span : Enhance Selected Area Contrast
    • Color Alarms : Highlight Above/Lower Temp Area

  3. 33

    Auto / 90° Manual Rotation

    • Auto : Auto-synchronizes screen with shot direction.
    • Manual: Flexibly inspects in any awkward place.

  1. 41

    HIKMICRO Viewer App

    • Download the HIKMICRO Viewer from Google Play
    • Enjoy live-viewing, adjusting,a nalysis and sharing.

  2. 42

    HIKMICRO Analyzer Software

    • Download from the HIKMICRO website.
    • Explore professional analysis, live temp tracking and more.

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  1. 51

    Plug and Play

    No need to charge before use.

    0.36W will run for hours without draining your device’s battery.

  2. 52

    Portable and Durable

    • Mini Size easily fits in any pocket
    • Metal housing, IP40 can withstand most harsh work environments.

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    On the go & Flexible

    • Mini2*1, User Manual*1
    • Extra Long Adapter*1
    • Extension Cable*1
    • Carry Case*1

1No Battery Design2Easy To Carry3Widely Compability4Package List6

How can I connect the thermal camera with HIKMICRO Viewer?

Download HIKMICRO Viewer in Play Store to USB-C Android device and plug camera.

1.Click OK in prompts for permissions

2.If no prompts, turn on OTG in Android settings. Re-plug camera

3.If screen is black, click gear icon and Upgrade Device

Can the thermal camera see pipes and termites inside walls?

Thermal cameras can pattern objects behind the surface of walls, ceilings and floors, only if the objects are in different temperatures. Usually, it happens. If a thermal camera gives a contrasted image, you should look for moisture and damage signs

The device makes clicking sounds and the screen briefly freezes. Is it abnormal?

It’s a normal process. The camera periodically calibrates to optimize image quality and measurement accuracy. The image briefly paused while hearing a “click”. It’s more frequent during start as the detector warms up, or in cold or hot environments.