BIBaDO Amazon MFN Bundle 1 – Blush

BIBaDO Amazon MFN Bundle 1 - Blush

BIBaDO Amazon MFN Bundle 1 – Blush

Introducing the Starter Baby Feeding Set, your all-in-one solution to make weaning a breeze for you and your baby. This thoughtfully curated set is designed to support your baby’s transition to solid foods with essential tools that are safe, practical, and appropriate.

What’s Included:

  • Bibado Coverall Bib:
    • Keep your little one clean and comfortable during meals with our full-coverage bib. Designed to catch spills and prevent stains, this coverall bib is easy to clean and perfect for messy eaters.
  • Ergonomic Baby Cutlery Set:
    • This specially designed set includes a spoon and fork that attach seamlessly to the coverall bib. Ergonomically shaped for little hands, these utensils help your baby learn to self-feed while minimizing mess.
  • Dippit™ Two-Handled Weaning Spoons (Two-Pack):
    • Our innovative weaning spoons come with two handles, making it easier for babies to grip and control. These spoons encourage independence and are perfect for transitioning from purees to more solid foods.
  • Dawn the Dinosaur Multi-Textured Teether:
    • Designed like a gym for the mouth, this teether features multiple textures to soothe sore gums and help develop essential mouth muscles. It’s perfect for teething babies and supports the development of oral motor skills.
  • 50 First Foods Weaning Chart:
    • Created in line with NHS recommendations, this weaning chart provides a helpful guide with 50 foods to introduce to your baby. It’s a fantastic tool to encourage a varied and nutritious diet, making weaning fun and stress-free.

Why Choose the Starter Baby Feeding Set?

This comprehensive set provides everything you need to start your baby’s weaning journey confidently with practical tools that promote self-feeding and developmental growth.