AISITIN Solar Water Foutain Pump 4.5W DIY Glass

AISITIN Solar Water Foutain Pump 4.5W DIY Glass Panel Solar Powered Fountains Water Feature

AISITIN Solar Water Foutain Pump 4.5W DIY Glass Panel Solar Powered Fountains Water Feature, Solar Powered Water Pump with 4 Nozzles, Solar Fountain for Bird Bath Outdoor Garden, Fish Tank

  • 【Glass Panel】4.5W Solar fountain Using 100% glass panels, solar Water fountain efficiently converts sunlight into electricity, ensuring sufficient electricity for efficient operation of the solar powered fountain. At the same time, this new type of glass solar panel not only has higher efficiency, but also the panel is not prone to whitening and aging, extending the service life of the solar fountain pump.
  • 【3 Installation Methods】 Our solar panel water fountain adopts an adjustable bracket design, allowing you to freely adjust the angle according to the changes in sunlight position throughout the day. solar fountain pump Equipped with a 3m wire, it can be easily installed in multiple locations such as lawns, walls, and corners to meet specific needs in different occasions and more flexibly chase sunlight.
  • 【4 Types of Water Spray】The solar bird bath fountain is equipped with 4 different kinds of spray nozzles, allowing you to mix and match as you like to show a variety of water flow effects. The maximum height of spray that this solar pond fountain can achieve is 52cm, and the height of the water stream will vary with the brightness of the sun. With the constant flow of water, your patio will be full of energy and beauty.
  • 【Multi-scenario Use】You can choose to use the Solar pump alone to place it in the birdbath, or you can buy the water pipe for DIY Solar fountain design, so as to create a fountain waterfall water feature with great ornamental value. Using the flow and sound of water adds a sense of movement and spirit to the garden, allowing you to feel the beauty and vitality of nature in your garden.
  • 【Double Protection】The water pump cover of the fountain and the Solar water pump itself have a dual protection function, which can effectively intercept various debris and prevent water pump blockage. Regularly cleaning the water pump not only extends the service life of the small solar fountain, but also ensures its long-term smooth operation.

Weight: 410 g
Dimensions: 17.5 x 13 x 4.6 cm; 410 g
Model: 4.5W-DCFT-2024New

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