2024 Upgraded TV Aerial – Indoor TV Aerial

Portable Digital Freeview TV Antenna Supports 4K 1080P All TV with 16.4ft Coaxial Cable

2024 Upgraded TV Aerial – Indoor TV Aerial for Smart TV with Booster & 280 Miles Long Range Reception, Portable Digital Freeview TV Antenna Supports 4K 1080P All TV with 16.4ft Coaxial Cable

  • [Wonderful Visual Experience] — Our upgraded TV aerial can receive tower signals in 360 degree directions, with higher gain, lower noise, wider frequency response and stronger interference resistance. With the Omnidirectional reception capability of our TV aerial indoor, you can enjoy free access to virous 4K/1080P full HD digital channels covering news, entertainment, dramas, sports, cartoons and more without monthly bill. Let our digital tv aerial indoor bring you a rich visual feast!
  • [High Gain 28dB for HD Image Quality] — This indoor aerial for smart tv comes with a booster, which can recieve VHF (174-240MHz) and UHF (470-862MHz) signals within 280 miles range. The TV antenna amplifier has a new generation built-in smart IC, which can help it better filter out cellular and amplify signals, resulting in lower noise, clearer pictures and more stable signals. So you can watch a variety of free broadcast TV channels such as Freeview, BBC, ITV, E4 HD, DVB-T2, etc.
  • [Portable Design and Magnetic Base] — Our new digital aerial for TV, with a diameter of 0.6in and a height of 8.1in, adopts a wireless column shape, giving it a stylish and technological appearance. The antenna features a magnetic base with a diameter of 2.4in. It can be placed on a TV cabinet or firmly attached to metal surfaces such as metal-framed windows, RVs, yachts, etc. The exquisite and compact design takes up minimal space and is very easy to carry outdoors.
  • [Premium Coaxial Cable] — The digital aerial uses a 16.4ft long, 0.2in diameter, model 2.5C-2V coaxial cable to connect to the TV. The high-quality copper core has better durability and signal transmission performance to ensure clear signals. The outer braid shields the center cable from interference and extends its life. The outer insulation protective sheath can prevent signal attenuation or interference during signal propagation inside the cable, ensuring signal quality and stability.
  • [Easy Installation] — First, install the digital antenna on the magnetic base, plug the aerial plug and USB plug into the TV, and check whether the amplifier indicator light is working well. Secondly, choose the TV mode as antenna or digital TV, scan the channels and wait for the scan to complete. If fewer channels are found, please change the antenna position and rescan until a HD picture appears. Finally, fix the antenna in a suitable position to ensure satisfactory picture quality.