WQQBFF Enhanced 7″ HD Dual Display Car Stereo

WQQBFF Enhanced 7" HD Dual Display Car Stereo: Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

WQQBFF Enhanced 7″ HD Dual Display Car Stereo: Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, Voice Control, Bluetooth Connectivity, IPS Touch Screen. Experience the Ultimate Car Audio Solutio

  • 【Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity for Hands-free Control】 Synchronize your smartphone via Bluetooth for wireless access to navigation, calls, music, emails, and notifications. Utilize Google's or Siri's assistant features to control your phone, navigate, and stream music – all hands-free. Drive with more focus and less distraction!
  • 【Intelligent portable Car Stereo】Simply connect to the smartphone through Bluetooth. You can handle navigation, information, phone calls, music, email, notifications, and more wirelessly. You can even connect to your device's Google or Siri assistant to control your phone, navigation, and play music, which allow you to focus on the road, free your hands, and drive in completely safe conditions!
  • 【Wide application range】The 1080P full HD touch screen car radio MP5 player supports USB/TF card/AUX, music player, and video player. Support mirror linking function, use wireless connection to synchronize your smartphone to the touch screen, enjoy maps, movies, and more! Not only can you enjoy various functions, but you can also charge your phone.
  • 【Wireless Airplay Play Videos】You need to connect your iPhone and Carplay to the same Wi-Fi network, select SmartScreen in screen mirroring in the iPhone control center, and play video. This wireless carplay screen features a resolution of 1024*600 2.5D HD touchscreen and supports 1080P videos. Even outdoors or on trips, you can enjoy the high-definition large-screen video experience.
  • 【Simple installation】The portable design of this carplay allows for easy installation without the need to modify or disassemble the original equipment of the car or seek professional assistance. Just install the device on the dashboard or windshield, plug in a lighter, and you can go! Say goodbye to messy cables and enjoy a cluttered environment. Clear visual effects ensure the best user experience on the go.


Product Description

Portable Car Stereo with Apple Carplay & Android Auto

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Experience smarter and safer driving with the 7-inch wireless carplay touch screen equipped. Enjoy Apple Airplay, Android Auto, FM, Bluetooth, Aux, Siri, and navigation with a high-resolution IPS screen that ensures clarity from every angle.


Hands-Free Calling

With Bluetooth in-car stereo, you can enjoy hands-free calls while driving and enjoy music streaming by pairing with your smartphone.

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