Razer Viper V3 Pro – Ultra-lightweight Wireless

54g Lightweight Design

Razer Viper V3 Pro – Ultra-lightweight Wireless Esports Gaming Mouse (8K Hz HyperPolling, 54g Lightweight Design, Focus Pro Sensor 35K DPI, HyperSpeed Wireless, 95 hours Battery Life) Black

  • 54g Ultra-Lightweight Design – Seamless handling, Maximum control: Designed in collaboration with world-class esports pros, the Viper V3 Pro’s perfectly balanced ultra-lightweight design allows you to make swift, precise flicks that match your every intention.
  • Razer Focus Pro 35K DPI Optical Sensor Gen-2 – Best-in-class precision: Experience pro-grade tracking performance on a wider variety of surfaces including glass, supported by intelligent functions and 1-DPI step adjustments for more granular aim and control.
  • Razer 8K Hz HyperPolling Technology – Ultra-low-latency response: By combining Razer HyperPolling with the ultra-smooth connection of Razer HyperSpeed, experience flawless wireless performance with a true polling rate of up to 8000 Hz.
  • Razer HyperSpeed Wireless – Ultra-smooth connection: With an optimized dongle design that makes zero compromises on connection, enjoy top-tier wireless performance that remains smooth and reliable even in noisy tournament environments.
  • Razer Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3 – Unrivalled durability and speed: From an improved 90-million click lifecycle with zero double-clicking issues, to a blistering 0,2 ms actuation with no debounce delay, enjoy reliability and speed that outshines all others.
  • Up to 95 hours of Battery Life – No gaming downtime: Power through your most intense scrimming and tournament schedule with up to 95 hours of high-performance competitive gameplay.

Weight: 54 g
Dimensions: 12.71 x 6.39 x 0.1 cm; 54 g
Brand: Razer
Model: RZ01-05120100-R3G1
Colour: Black
Batteries Included: Yes
Manufacture: Razer
Colour: Black

From the manufacturer

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    55 g Ultra-Lightweight Design

    Designed with top pros to be perfectly balanced for swift, precise flicks

  2. o

    Focus Pro 35K Optical Sensor Gen-2

    Fine-tune your aim with 1-DPI step adjustments and other intelligent functions

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    HyperSpeed Wireless & HyperPolling

    React without delay with true 8000 Hz wireless polling rates

  4. l

    USB Type C Rechargeable

    Enjoy up to 95 hours of high-performance competitive gameplay

  5. i

    Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3

    90-million click lifespan with no debounce delay or double-clicking issues

1Ultra-Lightweight2Precision3Wireless4Battery5SwitchesxUpdated Side Buttons

For improved accessibility

” data-position=”triggerHorizontal” />xRazer Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3

90-million click lifespan

” data-position=”triggerHorizontal” />Onboard Memory Profile

Stores your last used Razer Synapse profile, including settings such as DPI, polling rate, and lift-off distance

” data-position=”triggerHorizontal” />Larger Mouse Feet

For smoother glides, preferred by pros

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    Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars 20,760 4.5 out of 5 stars 20,760 4.5 out of 5 stars 27,842 4.5 out of 5 stars 20,760
    Price £159.98£54.99£114.15£113.49
    Sensor Focus Pro Optical Sensor Gen-2 Focus Pro Optical Sensor Focus Pro Optical Sensor Focus Pro Optical Sensor
    Sensitivity (DPI) 35,000 30,000 30,000 30,000
    Max Speed (IPS) 750 750 750 750
    Max Acceleration (G) 70 70 70 70
    Battery Life Up to 95 hours at 1000 Hz 35 Up to 90 hours at 1000 Hz Up to 80 hours at 1000 Hz
    Programmable Buttons 6 6 6 6
    Switches Optical Switches Gen-3 Mechanical Switches Gen-2 Optical Switches Gen-3 Optical Switches Gen-3
    Click Lifecycle 90 million clicks 60 million clicks 90 million clicks 90 million clicks
    Approx. Weight 54 g (Black), 55 g (White) 82 g (Including AA battery) 63 g (Black), 64 g (White) 58 g (Black) , 59 g (White)
    Connectivity Wireless (2.4GHz) & Wired Wireless (2.4GHz) Wireless (2.4GHz) & Wired Wireless (2.4GHz) & Wired