Portable Washing Machine, 11L 1.8kg 2 in 1

Portable Washing Machine

Portable Washing Machine, 11L 1.8kg 2 in 1 Foldable Mini Washer and Dryer Washer Machine,Cleaning Small Washer, Laundry Machine 3M Deep Cleaning for Baby Clothe, Underwear, Socks, RV Gray [Energy Class A]

  • Portable Washing Machine 11L: tips for daily life: Washing clothes separately can avoid cross infection. This mini washing machine and dryer is designed specifically for small clothes. It is used to wash clothes that require separate cleaning, such as underwear, socks, baby clothes, diapers, towels, vests, toys. The portable mini washing machine can makes your clothes cleaner and hygienic. You can say goodbye to hand washing, exquisitely care for your little laziness.
  • Mini Washer and Dryer: This is a semi-automatic Intelligent Laundry machine that integrates foldable washing machine with spin drye. The small washing machine has 3 deep cleaning modes: Express Laundry, Routine, and Dehydration. It is easy to use, touch the electronic panel, washing with one click. The 360 ° deep light healthy washing of positive and negative wave wheels can effectively remove various stains. Protect your and your family's health, say goodbye to stubborn stains~
  • 11L Foldable Washing Machine: The personal hygiene washing machine has a family gold capacity of 10L, and can wash all underwear at once. It can hold up to 13 lb water + 6 Pcs underwear/ +8Pcs underpants/ +12 Pcs socks/ +5 Pcs baby clothes/ +6 Pcs of pet clothes. Folding mini washing machine uses high frequency vibration, positive and negative wave wheel to imitate hand washing clothes, strong deep cleaning, effective removal of dirt. Free your hands and save your precious time.
  • Energy-saving Mini Washing Machine: The mini washer adopts a low energy consumption and noise reduction motor, and the bottom motor compartment is improved to make the center of gravity sink, making the entire machine run more smoothly without shaking, with less noise, and not afraid of disturbing you, your family, and neighbors for rest. The small load and low power consumption of a small laundry washing machine can save energy, protect the environment, and save water and electricity.
  • Portable Mini Washing Machine: The mini washer and dryer is made of upgraded environmentally friendly materials, which are more resistant to aging. The portable washer machine adopts a foldable portable bucket design, with a unfolded volume of 10.5*11.5*11.5 inches. Its folded volume is only 5*11.5*11.5 inches, making it easy to store when not in use and not occupying too much space. It is easy to carry and is very suitable for families and apartments, camping, travel, and RVs.

Weight: 2.12 kg
Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 45 cm; 2.12 kg
Part: 11L Portable Washing Machine
Batteries Required: No

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SuLiao Smart Mini Portable Washing Machine

Smart Portable Washing MachinePortable Washing MachineBlue Light Cleaning Small WasherFoldable Washer Machine

  • Worried about water and energy consumption?
  • Our 10L Mini Washer and Dryer Foldable Washer Machine is designed to be energy-efficient, without compromising on performance.
  • It uses minimal water and power, so you can enjoy clean clothes while reducing your environmental footprint.