PATONA PD 100W D-Tap adapter to USB-C and vice

PATONA PD 100W D-Tap adapter to USB-C and vice versa (bi-directional) – 1734

  • 【100W fast charging adapter】 The bi-directional 100W fast charging adapter enables 1. USB-C PD charging of a third-party device using a D-Tap power source. V-mount batteries can thus be seamlessly converted to USB-PD fast charging of your peripherals (laptop, smartphone, lighting technology, cameras, monitors, battery chargers. etc.).
  • 2. any device with a D-Tap connection, for example a v-mount battery (continuous light, camera, etc.) can also be charged or supplied with power (max. 100W) using a USB-PD power supply unit. Charging and discharging can therefore take place in both directions (bi-directional).
  • 【BMS control system】 A built-in temperature sensor monitors the temperature during charging and discharging. If necessary, it interrupts the process if the temperature becomes too high or too low, thereby protecting the battery from irreparable damage.
  • 【Protocols】Compatible with Samsung Adaptive (AFC) and SUPER Fast Charging (SFC) / Huawei FastCharge (FCP) and Supercharge (SCP) / DRP / Try / SRC / PD3.0 PPS/ Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC) protocol: QC2.0/QC3.0/QC3.0+
  • 【Protection function】 Improved heat conduction through heat protection bumper (silicone). Protection against short circuit; over/under voltage at input/output; overcharging, deep discharge and overcharging of the battery; overheating of the IC.
  • 【Lightweight and compact】 The PD 100W adapter weighs just 66 grams. ✅ If you use a PD power supply unit, you can dispense with the conventional charger for v-mount batteries.
  • D-Tap output / input: 12V – 16.8V, 10A — USB-C output / input: 3V – 20V, 5A

Application options:

1) The battery supplies power: The device to be charged is connected to the adapter via the USB-C port, the D-tap plug of the adapter is connected to the D-tap output of the battery.
2) The battery receives power: A USB power adapter is connected to the USB-C output, the D-Tap plug of the adapter is connected to the D-Tap output of the battery. The battery is now charged.

Examples of charging times: (data without guarantee)

95Wh Li-ion battery: 50 minutes; 80 % charging capacity
145Wh Li-ion battery: 75 minutes; 80 % charging capacity
284Wh Li-ion battery: 215 minutes; 80 % charging capacity