Origem Self Inflating Camping Mat – 14CM Upgraded

Origem Self Inflating Camping Mat - 14CM Upgraded Sleeping Mat with Built-in Pump

Origem Self Inflating Camping Mat – 14CM Upgraded Sleeping Mat with Built-in Pump, Ultralight Inflatable Mattress, Sleeping Pad for Outdoor Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Traveling

  • Extra Large Pad and Maximum Comfort: The Origem extra-thick inflatable camping mat is the best choice for campers. Its large size of 74x24x5.5 inches can accommodate all body types. The 5.5-inch thickness not only provides insulation, but also supports various postures without worrying about touching the ground. The U-shaped design can wraps your body better, prevents slipping, and allows you to sleep comfortably, firmly and securely outdoors.
  • Ultra-lightweight with Innovative Material: Our sleeping mat, 10% thicker, 25% wider, and 6% longer than similar products, enhances comfort without compromising on weight. Thanks to innovative materials, its weight is reduced by 30%, making it only 1.9 pounds. The sturdy nylon non-woven elastic material provides durability and can withstand up to 600 pounds.
  • Quick Inflation with Foot Pump: The user-friendly foot pump inflates the sleeping pad in 60-90 seconds and deflates it in just one second. Despite a volume and area increase of 70%, the high-resilience sponge used ensures the inflation time only increases by 20%. And the high frequency of usage will not affect its inflatability.
  • Durable and Leak-proof:The inflatable camping mat incorporates a unique valve design that audibly indicates a secure buckle fastening to prevent leakage. Crafted with 40D nylon, a thickened TPU interior, and a waterproof coating, the sleeping pad is damage-resistant and stable. We carry out tests on each product, including a 24-hour continuous hydrostatic pressure test with a 100kg weight and a 100kg 600 times back and forth rolling test to ensure the airtightness and stability of the product.
  • Multipurpose with Warranty: Our lightweight and portable inflatable sleeping mat is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities´╝îlike backpacking, camping, road trips, hunting, fishing, beach and all kinds of other occasions. It offers a high-quality sleep experience outdoors. We offer a 365-day after-sales service for worry-free purchase.

Weight: 830 g
Dimensions: 200 x 76 x 14 cm; 830 g
Brand: Origem
Model: /
Colour: Army Green
Colour: Army Green

Product Description

  1. 加厚睡垫电脑端2

    14CM Super Thick Sleeping Mat

    Solid as a bed, whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach will perfectly support your body.

  2. 加厚睡垫电脑端3

    76cm*200cm Extra Large Sleeping Pad

    A wider and longer sleeping area, perfectly adapting to taller body types.

  3. 加厚睡垫电脑端4

    Ergonomic U-Shape Design

    Your body will be completely wrapped inside the sleeping pad, stable and non-slip.

  4. 加厚睡垫电脑端5

    0.8kg Ultra Light Camping Mat

    The use of innovative materials has enabled a 30% reduction in weight for the same size.

  1. 加厚睡垫电脑端7
  2. 加厚睡垫电脑端8
  3. 加厚睡垫电脑端9
  4. 加厚睡垫电脑端10
  5. 加厚睡垫电脑端11
  6. 加厚睡垫电脑端12
Color Blue/Grey/Army Green
Size 200*76*14cm
Weight 800g
Material composition 40D Nylon + TPU
Maximum weight capacity 300 Kilograms
Included components Carry Bag, Repair Patch, Pump, Manual