Oplace Portable Clothes Dryer,Portable Dryer

Oplace Portable Clothes Dryer

Oplace Portable Clothes Dryer,Portable Dryer for Apartments Home Travel RVs,Compact Foldable Mini Electric Laundry Dryer Machine with Dryer Bag,For Light Clothes, Underwear, Baby Clothes [Energy Class A++]

  • Small But Spacious: Compact yet incredibly roomy, it can accommodate baby clothes, lightweight jackets, undergarments, t-shirts and more. Everything fits inside tidily for neat and effective drying. Its small size belies how much it can hold, allowing you to dry multiple items simultaneously without crowding or wrinkling.
  • Constant 70°C Heat with Gentle 360° Drying:Dries Your Laundry Fast, Even on Humid Days.Advanced 3D Circulation Drying Outperforms Nature.This drying machine's 3D circulation technology exceeds what you get from line-drying, caring for your clothes even more gently. It accommodates multiple loads at once, with a 10kg capacity to dry 6-16 items in a single cycle.
  • Convenient Portable Dryer:The portable dryer for any space. Compact and foldable, it fits anywhere and weighs little. Perfect for drying in small homes, while traveling or camping. Simply unfold and attach to a window – it quickly dries loads without taking room. Ideal for busy lives on the move. Carry it anywhere effortlessly. No more waiting for laundry; dry clothes as you focus on your day. Folds to stow easily. Finally, drying made simple for small spaces and active lifestyles.
  • Impeccable Cleanliness with LED UV- Experience deep cleansing for your garments with the innovative Oplace dryer featuring built-in LED UV. It revitalizes your clothes, ensuring impeccable cleanliness and purity.
  • Quiet and Timer Functionality:Sleep Soundly Guarantees a peaceful night with 30dB noise reduction. Its silent design permits undisturbed sleep for even light sleepers and babies. Easily doze off free from interruptions. Rise refreshed as the mute function lets you dress in quiet, undisturbed. Perfect for bedrooms, letting all rest through the night. End restless nights – with this hushed helper, morning revival is certain. Small but powerful; big results for better beauty rest.

Weight: 1.41 kg
Dimensions: 16 x 32 x 24.89 cm; 1.41 kg
Brand: oplace
Part: K28
Colour: Milkwhite
Batteries Required: No
Colour: Milkwhite

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