ISHEEP SATA M.2 SSD Duplicator Docking Station

ISHEEP SATA M.2 SSD Duplicator Docking Station with Offline Clone Function

ISHEEP SATA M.2 SSD Duplicator Docking Station with Offline Clone Function, 10Gbps Transfer Speed, Supports B+M Key M.2 SSDs, Support Offline Clone Duplicator (H016S)

  • Effortless Offline Cloning: Clone data between two M.2 SATA SSDs without a computer. Simply press a button for instant backup, ideal for businesses, families, and gamers, enhancing productivity.
  • Lightning-Fast Transfer: Enjoy rapid data transfers with USB 3.1 speeds of up to 5Gbps. Move 1GB of data in just 3 seconds. Includes USB C-to-C cable, A-to-C cable, and a 5V-3A Type-C power adapter for seamless connectivity and power stability.
  • Versatile Drive Compatibility: Compatible with B+M Key SATA protocol 2242, 2260, 2280, and 22110 M.2 SSDs, supporting dual M.2 hard drive trays for simultaneous usage. Each drive can reach up to 2TB in capacity.
  • User-Friendly Design: Tool-free operation with plug-and-play support and hot-swapping. LED indicator for easy status monitoring. Vertical design for improved heat dissipation and durability. Non-slip pads prevent accidental slips.
  • Broad System Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Connect to PCs, laptops, smart TVs, PS4s, and even utilize mobile phone OTG function for easy data access on your phone.


Product Description

m.2 cloner sata ssd duplciator docking station
USB3.1 Type-C 5Gbps Transmission Speed

ISHEEP H016S Dual Bay SATA M.2 SSD Cloner Duplicator

MAX 4TB external storage

Online read and write, offline cloning

  1. sata m.2 cloenr

    Only Support SATA M.2 SSD

    Maximum support for 4TB external storage capacity expansion

  2. sata m.2 cloenr

    USB3.1 Type-C 5Gbps Transmission Speed

    Paired with USB C to C cable, the read and write speed can reach 460Mbps

  3. sata m.2 cloenr

    Real time data reading on mobile phones

    Note: The phone needs to support OTG function. Read real-time hard drive data information

  1. sata m.2 cloenr

    Offline Cloning

    When using the Offline Clone Duplicator, the capacity of ‘2’ SSD must be bigger than the capacity of ‘1’ SSD , otherwise the clone cannot be completed.

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    Offline Clone Function cannot be connected to the computer.Only supports offline clone.

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    Type-C interface

    The power interface and PC interface are both Type-C interfaces, improving stability

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  1. sata m.2 cloenr
  2. sata m.2 cloenr
sata m.2 cloenr