iONZ KZ-Z – PC Gaming Case, ATX Mid Tower – Dual

iONZ KZ-Z - PC Gaming Case

iONZ KZ-Z – PC Gaming Case, ATX Mid Tower – Dual Chamber | Front I/O USB Type-C – Black

  • PERFORMANCE: Introducing the IONZ Dual Dynamic Advanced, a compact marvel that redefines PC cases, meticulously crafted to offer a fusion of style and functionality in the perfect form factor. The IONZ Dual Dynamic Advanced showcases a sleek exterior with a sophisticated design, featuring a tempered glass side panel that invites you to display your build proudly. Its plentiful dimensions make it an ideal choice for those seeking a space-efficient solution without compromising on performance or aesthetics.
  • FEATURES: Equipped with advanced features, this case boasts a well-designed interior that supports efficient cable managementand upto ATX Motherboards, providing users with the tools for a clean and organized build. The emphasis on detail ensures that constructing a powerful and visually striking PC becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience.
  • PORTS: The IONZ Dual Dynamic Advanced prioritizes modern connectivity with a top panel featuring high-speed USB 3.0 ports and additional slots for contemporary connections, catering to the diverse needs of today's technology enthusiasts.
  • COOLING: In terms of cooling capabilities, this case goes beyond expectations. Supporting various fan configurations (up to 10 x 120 mm), it ensures optimal thermal performance for your internal components with support for up to 360 mm Water Cooling. The IONZ Dual Dynamic Advanced offers an array of possibilities, making it a versatile choice for those who prioritize both form and function.
  • COMPATIBILITY: With compatibility for diverse internal components, including CPU coolers (up to 160 mm) and graphics cards(up to 410 mm), the IONZ Dual Dynamic Advanced provides flexibility for users to customize and tailor their PC setups to their specific preferences. Whether you're a gaming enthusiast or a content creator, this case caters to a wide range of user requirements.
  • In essence, the IONZ Dual Dynamic Advanced is not just a case; it's a statement. A testament to innovation and elegance, it offers a refined solution for those who seek a compact yet powerful housing for their high-performance builds. Elevate your PC experience with the IONZ Dual Dynamic Advanced – where style meets substance.


Product Description

advanced headerAdvanced Black

Water cooling options

Flexible AIO positioning
  • Top can Fit up to 360 mm Radiator
  • Bottom can Fit up to 360 mm Radiator
  • Side can Fit up to 360 mm Radiator
  • Rear can Fit up to 120 mm Radiator

Style without Compromise

Option for 3 Side mounted fans

No Longer do Glass Cases have to impede Airflow. The Dual Dynamic Advanced offers the class of a Glass Fronted case whilst still allowing ample airflow from the top, bottom and sides.

MotherBoard Supported ATX
Front Panel Ports USB 2.0 x2 and USB C x 1
VGA Card Support up to 400 mm
CPU Cooler Height up to 160 mm
PCIE Slots 7
PSU Position Dual Chamber Bottom
Panels LHS Tempered Glass, RHS Metal with Airflow
Fan Support up to 10 x 120 mm Fans
Case Size 440mm x 285 mm x 400 mm
Watercooling Support Top,Side and Bottom
Dust Filter Top