Fiorky For MacBook SSD Enclosure USB3.2 GEN2x2

Fiorky For MacBook SSD Enclosure USB3.2 GEN2x2 20Gbps AHCI Enclosure for Ap"-"ple Flash SSDs 12+16 PIN for 2013-2017 MacBook Ai

Fiorky For MacBook SSD Enclosure USB3.2 GEN2x2 20Gbps AHCI Enclosure for Ap”-“ple Flash SSDs 12+16 PIN for 2013-2017 MacBook Ai

  • Designed for MA"-"C Compatibility: The SSD enclosure is crafted to accommodate 12+16 PIN for Ap"-"ple Flash AHCI SSDs from a variety for Ap"-"ple devices spanning from 2013 to 2017. With careful attention to compatibility details, it offers a precision fit for Macbook Air, for Macbook Pro Retina, and other specified models. Note: NVMe SSDs, those with built-in heating mechanisms,or systems running for macOS Sonoma are not supported, preserving the enclosure's focused utility for Ap"-"ple certain
  • Ultra-Fast Data Transfers: Equipped with a cutting-edge JMS586A chipset and USB 3.2 GEN2x2 connectivity, this M.2 reader delivers data transfer rates reaching 20Gbps. A 20Gbps USB-C to USB-C cable is included to maximize transfer speeds, offering a swift and efficient solution for managing and transferring files.
  • Durable and Efficient Heat Dissipation: Crafted from CN"-"C machined aluminum alloy, our portable storage enclosure features silicone pads for superior heat management, safeguarding your SSD against overheating. Installation is made simple with the inclusion of screws and a screwdriver, although it's important to note that SSD sizes larger than 22x88mm cannot be accommodated.
  • Seamless Integration and Installation Notes: This type-c to Ap"-"ple flash AHCI 12+16 pin SSD adapter offers compatibility primarily with for Ap"-"ple laptops, with the potential for differing behavior on desktop systems. For Windows environments, initial SSD recognition and setup might direct users to "Disk Management" for formatting purposes. Comprehensive setup guidelines are included to facilitate a smooth installation experience.
  • Maximizing for Macbook Performance with an Adapter: The package features an "NVMe to AHCI adapter," allowing you to upgrade for Macbook by transitioning its PC board interface from a traditional 12+16 pin AHCI to a more advanced NVMe M.2. This addition, not meant for internal enclosure use, offers a significant performance enhancement opportunity for Macbook upgrades.


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Type-C for Apple Flash AHCI 12+16 Pin SSD Adapter