EV Charger 22kW 32A, Type 2 Electric Car Charger

EV Charger 22kW 32A

EV Charger 22kW 32A, Type 2 Electric Car Charger, EV Charging Station with 5m Cable, Electric Vehicle Charger with Smart APP LCD, IP65 Wall Charging Unit with 2 RFID Cards, Indoor Outdoo

  • 【INTELLIGENT FAST CHARGING】 EV charging device, single-phase operation: 220-240V AC, 7.36 kW max; Three-phase: 380-400V AC, 22 kW max. 1-32A adjustable (set via app), our charger compatible with most type 2 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Improve current safety and get faster charging speed than the original charger (actual working current depends on your car configuration).
  • 【APP REMOTE CONTROL】 The EV charger uses an app that requires a 2.4GHz WIFI and Blue-tooth connection to control the charging station via the "SmartLife" app. You can seamlessly manage your charger by setting charging times, scheduling charging periods, and optimizing scheduled off-peak charging times. The application also allows you to share its use with other family members.
  • 【MEETS SAFETY STANDARDS】The charging station has an IP65 charging box and an IP55 charging head, which can withstand dust, water and even low-pressure water jets. The charger has over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage and leakage current protection (type A+DC 6mA), and will automatically turn off when charging is complete. Additionally, it meets IEC 61851 | certification requirements CEI 62196 | CE | EMC | RoHS | TÜV.
  • 【FAST CHARGING AND EASY TO USE】 The Type 2 wall charger complies with the IEC 62196-2 standard and comes with a 5m charging cable and a 1m power cable for connecting to the electrical outlet. We recommend having the installation carried out by a professional electrician, connecting the hot, neutral and ground wires to the electrical distribution box. Includes a bracket for hanging the EV charger cable after charging is complete.
  • 【RFID & HD LCD DISPLAY】 The wall-mounted charging station comes with 2 RFID cards, allowing you to start charging your electric car with just a tap of the card, simple and convenient (if you lost the RFID card, please contact our customer service). The high-definition LCD screen and LED indicators allow you to quickly see charging status and troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing with your electric vehicle.
  • 【TWO WAYS OF INSTALLATION】 The first is to fix the charger to the wall with the accessories provided with the EV charger kit. The second option is to make a concrete pole (not included) to attach the electric vehicle charging station to. Follow the instructions in the installation manual for quick and easy installation. : Our Osoeri EV charger is directly wired to the electrical box and does not need to connect any plug to use.


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EV charger
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In what order should the charger be connected?

Step 1: Turn on the circuit breaker. Wait until the indicator light is solid blue.

Step 2: Set the current and delay time (APP only).

Step 3: Plug the charging gun into your vehicle's charging socket.

The APP cannot connect to the charging station.

1. Make sure your mobile device is connected to the 2.4G Hz network and Bluetooth is enabled.

2. Check if the charging station is connected to other devices. Unbind the connected device from the charging station, then reconnect your device.

Can I use this EV charging cable to charge in the rain?

Yes, the charging gun is of IP55 rated. We recommend drying the cable after use and storing it accordingly.