CHRISTOW Parasol Base 30kg, Heavy Duty Square

Heavy Duty Square Plastic Garden Umbrella Holder Stand

CHRISTOW Parasol Base 30kg, Heavy Duty Square Plastic Garden Umbrella Holder Stand, Water Sand Filled, For 38mm and 48mm Poles

  • SQUARE PLASTIC PARASOL BASE: Keep your parasol stable and secure with this Christow Plastic Parasol Base. Made from durable weather-resistant HDPE plastic with a screw cap to easily fill with sand or water. Plus, it comes with two adaptors to secure 38mm or 48mm parasol poles.
  • FILL WITH WATER (24KG) OR SAND (30KG): Base has a removable cap to fill with 24 litres of water and increase its weight to 24kg. Or you can fill it with sand to increase its weight to 30kg. Provides sufficient weight to keep your parasol stable and secure with or without the aid of a table.
  • COMPACT & PRACTICAL SIZE: Base measures W46.2cm x D46.2cm x H30cm. This includes the powder-coated steel holding tube which has a screw to easily secure your parasol. Square shape makes it perfect for using with a square table, while its size ensures that space isn't too restricted.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT WITH CARRY HANDLE: Parasol base weighs 2.55kg when emptied of water, making it lightweight to carry. Designed with an integrated indented handle to easily move around your garden. Makes it a breeze to pick up and store away when the summer's (sadly) over.
  • RAISED TO PROTECT PATIOS & DECKING: Raised gliders beneath the base help to protect your patio, decking, or balcony from scratches. By keeping the base slightly raised, they also allow air and water to flow freely beneath it. Helps to protect your patio or decking from mildew and staining.

Weight: 3.25 kg
Dimensions: 56 x 56 x 45 cm; 3.25 kg
Colour: Black
Colour: Black

Product Description

30kg Square Plastic Parasol BaseSquare Plastic 30kg Parasol BaseAdaptors for 38mm & 48mm PolesMoulded Handle to Easily Move
Plastic Round Parasol Base30kg Square Plastic Parasol Base60kg Square Plastic Parasol Base
Customer Reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars 135 4.7 out of 5 stars 10
Price £21.24£69.99
Weight (Water) 28kg 24kg 49kg
Weight (Sand) 35kg 30kg 67kg
Moulded Handle
Adaptor Sizes 38mm or 48mm 38mm or 48mm 38mm or 48mm
Dimensions W56cm x H15cm (H45cm with pole tube) W46.2cm x H15cm (H30cm with tube) H29cm x W53cm x D53cm