12V Car Battery Tester, Bluetooth 4.0 Battery

12V Car Battery Tester

12V Car Battery Tester, Bluetooth 4.0 Battery Monitor 12V Battery Load Tester Real Time View Battery Information Suitable for Android iOS Car Owners Motorhomes Motorcycles Boats Cars

  • 【Sufficient professional technology to monitor the health of your battery】iKiKin Automotive Battery Tester adopts advanced conductivity testing technology to perform various tests and provide corresponding suggestions. The battery test of a 12V battery shows the battery status, so technicians can use this smart battery analyzer to locate the fault point.
  • 【Battery Monitor Safety Alarm Function】The battery tester shell is made of refractory material, which increases its high temperature resistance. It also includes a special alarm function. If the battery fails or the voltage and power supply are abnormal, it will notify you via the app to alleviate your concerns in this regard. Ideal gift or accessory in the car! Store in the trunk of the car after each use.
  • 【The updated version of the battery tester is easy to install】 The car battery tester has a compact appearance and is easy to carry. Simply connect to the vehicle battery, download a free application, connect the connected battery monitoring system to the application and get real-time information in seconds. Being able to track the battery in a timely manner regardless of the weather is a good choice for car enthusiasts!
  • 【Advanced Customization for Free Application of Automotive Battery Tester】iKiKin Battery Load Tester supports custom power and voltage corresponding tables for DIY users to better recognize battery data. It is suitable for iOS and Android to monitor battery data and meet the needs of home battery management. Help users set the language according to their own needs without language barriers.
  • 【Powerful data storage and vehicle search】The updated version of the load battery tester can record data such as voltage, charge percentage and temperature, record trajectory, cost and driving habits of each trip and export to an Excel file for DIY enthusiasts to analyze battery performance based on historical voltage data. It can also automatically record parking positions and provide car search function by navigation.
  • 【Widely used improved automotive battery tester】With available applications, it is very easy to connect and the readings are also very accurate. Our Bluetooth battery monitor supports regular flooding of cars, trucks, hybrid vehicles, SUVs, ships, RVs, motorcycles and even solar systems, AGM tablets, AGM screws, GEL and EFB batteries. It can meet the needs of different types of batteries.

Weight: 70 g
Dimensions: 15.7 x 12.8 x 2.4 cm; 70 g
Part: 12V araba bateri testeri
Colour: BM6
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: iKiKin
Colour: BM6
Reference: 12V araba bateri testeri

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Battery Monitor Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Battery TesterBattery Monitor Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Battery Tester