Smart Tag Oval (Pack 3) For Apple iOS Devices, Key

Smart Tag Oval (Pack 3) For Apple iOS Devices

Smart Tag Oval (Pack 3) For Apple iOS Devices, Key Tracker, Item Finder, Replaceable Battery, Easily Track Your Wallet, Bag, Suitcase, and More Worldwide with the iPhone Find My App

  • Versatile Item Finder: Track the items that matter most to you, such as your keys, wallet, and more, with Smart Tag's Bluetooth item finder.
  • Easy Setup: The Smart Tag setup is simple with just a one-tap setup that instantly connects the Smart Tag with your iPhone or iPad. Once you enter a name for your Smart Tag and set emoji for the item, attach it to the item you want to track, and you're ready to go.
  • Play Sound: With Smart Tag, you can easily find your lost items by playing a sound on the built-in speaker or asking Siri for help. This feature requires your phone Bluetooth to be Turned ON.
  • Track the Location: Use Apple Findmy app to find or just ask Siri where the Smart Tag is. You can also play sound to help locate your SmartTag. Smart Tag's Bluetooth item finder works even if your item is further away, thanks to the hundreds of millions Apple devices in the Find My network. This technology helps you track down your Smart Tag while maintaining your privacy. All communication is anonymous and encrypted at every stage.
  • Lost Mode: Smart Tag also has a Lost Mode, which makes finding lost items even easier. Like your other Apple devices, you can put your Smart Tag into Lost Mode. Once it's detected by a device in the network, you'll automatically receive a notification.
  • Battery Life: Finally, Smart Tag is designed to keep going for UP TO a year on a standard battery with 1 x CR2032 battery included, which can be easily replaced.
  • With privacy at its core, all location data and history are never stored on Smart Tag. Keep your items organized and connected with Smart Tag – the ultimate Bluetooth item finder for your everyday belongings.
  • Left Behind Mode: Smart Tag has a left behind mode, when your keys or valuables are left behind Smart Tag will send notification to your phone alerting you that item has been left behind.
  • Note: Prior to using the play sound or location features on the SmartTag, please SWITCH ON your phone's Bluetooth. For any issues and techniqal support please get in touch.


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