Skull And Bones Limited Edition (Exclusive

Skull And Bones Limited Edition (Exclusive to (Xbox Series X)

Skull And Bones Limited Edition (Exclusive to (Xbox Series X)

  • Limited Edition includes the base game and the additional mission* *"The Ashen Corsair".
  • Grow your infamy to gain access to more resources and opportunities as you take on riskier contracts to gain the most loot.
  • Craft up to 12 ships and customize them with a variety of weapons and armor to maximize your chances for success.
  • Be wary in this untamed open world inspired by the Indian Ocean. There are predators lurking around every corner.
  • Choose how you want to take on the seas. Sail solo or team up with two friends to watch your back in either PvE or PvEvP.
  • *Applicable platform account and platform subscription (sold separately) required. Persistent internet connection and Ubisoft account required.
  • **You must have reached Infamy Tier: Buccaneer to access the mission.

Redefining naval combat – Experience unparalleled naval gameplay delivered by the studio who pioneered and designed naval combat for the Assassin’s Creed franchise


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skull and bones skull and bonesskull and bones

Craft up to 10 different ships, each with unique perks, as you grow your infamy and unlock resources and riskier contracts to upgrade your equipment