Helium gas for Balloons – Helium Canister

Helium gas for Balloons - Helium Canister Disposable UK

Helium gas for Balloons – Helium Canister Disposable UK

  • 9inch Latex balloons inflates upto 30 ; (6-8 hours average float time)
  • 12inch latex balloons upto 15 ; (8-12 hours average float time)
  • Supershape balloons upto 1-2
  • Airwalker balloons upto 1-2
  • Number Balloons (40- 46inch) upto 2-3
  • Latex balloons(the rubber ones) will only float for 6-8 hours unless you are using Hi-Float.
  • On average, latex balloons have a flotation time of approximately 6-8 hours, which can vary depending on the size of the balloon and the room temperature.To ensure that your latex balloons stay inflated for the duration of your party or event, we recommend inflating them 1-2 hours before the scheduled start time. This allows for a fresh and visually appealing display that will impress your guests.

Portable Design: The tank is often compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Material: Helium Gas
Colour: Blue/Red
Age: 14 years and up
Colour: Blue/Red
Material: Helium Gas
Reference: PB-C002