Drystow Bike and Equipment Outdoor Storage Tent

Easy Assemble Outdoor Storage

Drystow Bike and Equipment Outdoor Storage Tent – Portable storage for Bikes and Garden Tools, Easy Assemble Outdoor Storage, Bike store for Patio, Garden, Camping and Caravan.

  • Assembling this lightweight bike tent is a breeze, requiring no tools and taking just 10 minutes, making it a flexible option compared to cumbersome metal or wooden sheds.
  • The stability of the outdoor bike storage tent is ensured by a set of eyelets that allow secure anchoring to the ground, a fence, or a wall, providing optimal protection against strong winds.
  • If you're in search of a versatile and cost-effective alternative to bulky metal or wooden sheds, your quest ends here.
  • Offering portability and lightness, our outdoor storage shed can be effortlessly assembled and disassembled in a mere 10 minutes, eliminating the need for tools.
  • Receive a free Drystow skip cap with every purchase to welcome you to our brand!

Dimensions: 54 x 11 x 11 cm; 2.16 Kilograms
Model: DS-BTENT-G1
Manufacture: Drystow

From the brand

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Outdoor storage; Done!

Our robust outdoor storage box will keep any number of items dry and neatly stowed away. Easy assembly and flexible use makes it a win.

  • How we get our start?

    As an outdoors fanatic with a garage full of adventure gear it was a very natural thing to create a company that created storage solutions for all the junk that modern life generates. Less mess more fun.

    Why we love what we do?

    Our products solve problems in clever ways, and that is at the heart of good design. This makes us happy.

    Are our products high quality?

    We try really hard to work with manufacturers that have high standards of production. You might find the odd similar product, but we like to think the quality of ours sets us apart.