Direct Wicker Squirrel Feeder, Wood Flip-Up Roof

Direct Wicker Squirrel Feeder, Wood Flip-Up Roof For Squirrel Food Placement Removable Front Panel Squirrel Feeder Just For Squirrels

  • 【Ample Feeding Space】: The extended bottom plate offers ample room for squirrels to stand while feeding, with a round window allowing chipmunks easy access. Additionally, nails on the top provide a perfect spot for placing corn, catering to various furry critters' preferences.
  • 【Weather-resistant Construction】: Crafted from wood treated with high-temperature carbonization, this feeder excels in adapting to rainy weather, ensuring long-term outdoor durability.
  • 【Convenient Accessibility】: Featuring a hinged clamshell plank at the top, the feeder is easily accessible for food refilling and cleaning. Its design ensures food remains dry even when closed during rainy weather.
  • 【Functional Design】: A recessed tabletop surrounded by a fence prevents corn kernels and nuts from falling, keeping food within reach for the critters while minimizing wastage. This squirrel picnic table fosters a bond with squirrels, transforming them into friendly companions.
  • 【Simple Installation】: Included installation instructions facilitate easy setup, requiring only simple assembly and screw tightening. Sturdy construction ensures reliability and ease of use for a hassle-free experience.

This squirrel feeding house offers ample space with an extended bottom plate and a chipmunk-accessible round window. Crafted from high-temperature carbonized wood, it ensures weather resistance. Its design includes a hinged clamshell plank for easy access and dry food storage. Featuring a functional layout, it prevents spillage and encourages interaction. Simple installation guarantees sturdy, hassle-free usage.

Dimensions: 38 x 23 x 8.5 cm; 990 g
Model: DW
Part: 1
Manufacture: Direct Wicker