100 Samba Firestarters Firelighters Sachets

100 Samba Firestarters Firelighters Sachets – Odourless Burning & Easy to Light – For BBQs Barbecues Wood Burner Wood-Fired Ovens Stoves Fireplaces & Campfires – 300 Pieces

  • Suitable for a wide range of BBQs, ovens, stoves and fireplaces
  • 100% British made
  • Completely odourless burning
  • 10 minute burn time
  • A more controlled flame than other firelighting products
  • Easy to light even when exposed to water and humidity
  • Produces an efficient flame that outlasts many other fuels
  • Burns at a high temperature
  • Will never self-ignite and is simple to use safely
  • 100 sachets per tube providing exceptional value for money

SAMBA FIRESTARTER 100 TUBE The Samba Firestarter is the latest and safest way to light your fireplace, wood burner, wood-fired oven or barbeque. At LDL Lifestyle, we know that lighting fires can often be a messy and frustrating task thanks to unreliable and chemical-smelling starter fuels. This unique sachet firelighter provides a solution. As well as being simple and safe to light, the Burner Firestarter sachets are ‘mess’ and odour-free. At LDL Lifestyle, we chose to source this product thanks to its top-of-the-range safety, ease of use and reliability in producing a controlled and sustained flame.

Model: SambaMaster