TICWRIS Smart Watch for men,100 Days Extra-Long

100 Days Extra-Long Battery

TICWRIS Smart Watch for men,100 Days Extra-Long Battery,1.85″ HD Ultra Large Round Screen,Rugged Military Bluetooth Call(Answer/Dial Calls),AI Voice Assistant with 2 Watchbands(Stainless Steel+TPU)

  • , – ' . – . TICWRIS POWER is the largest round screen smartwatch on the market.Exquisite and stylish metal body, Ultra large screen, classic round dial, to meet the needs of men's fashion.In particular, men with thick fingers can slide flexibly on the huge screen, which is the best choice for male users.The color gamut of the screen is 100% RGB, providing ultra-high definition sensory experience.
  • – . – . TICWRIS POWER is equipped with 100% pure cobalt-based battery (military grade) ensuring optimal performance and longevity,twice as much as that of conventional smartwatches. a super power-saving AI algorithm breaking the industry is adopted to minimize power consumption, enough to last up to 1 month under normal use, and can continue to use sports mode, and other functions for up to 100+days in power-saving mode.
  • – TICWRIS POWER is equipped with the Corning Gorilla screen, which is thick enough to handle a range of screen-breaking behaviors. TC4 Titanium unibody bimetallic body, military-grade materials, and fully enclosed design make it the toughest and most durable watch available. Successfully passed 15 MIL-STD-810H certifications, including temperature, dustproof, salt spray, rain, impact tests, etc. Our indestructible smart watch thrives in any harsh environment.
  • – -AI Voice Assistant & Answer/Make Calls: A very handy tool built in the watch. Use your voice to give instructions and the voice assistant will do the rest. You can ask questions, play your desired music, and check weather, set alarms and timers. You can also make voice calls through the voice assistant, makes the scenes that are inconvenient to hold a mobile phone(For example: driving)in daily exercise and life more concise and smart.
  • / – TICWRIS POWER collects health data with its advanced real-time monitoring function.Helps you monitor All-day sleep,24-hour heart rate, and real-time blood oxygen. The fitness tracker includes a pedometer to keep track of the calories burned throughout the day. Supports up to 123 sports modes and 6 Intelligent Sports Recognition,POWER smart watch collects data with pinpoint precision and accuracy, ensuring that every workout is counted.


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