PEBBLE HUG Advanced Racing Car, 2.4GHz Remote

2.4GHz Remote Control Off Road Toy Car

PEBBLE HUG Advanced Racing Car, 2.4GHz Remote Control Off Road Toy Car, Racing Experience with 360° Stunt Capabilities, Scale RC Car 1:22, Best Gift Choice For Kids

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Crafted with durability in mind, the RC car is designed to withstand rough play and endure the rigors of adventurous races and stunts.
  • KIDS SKILL DEVELOPMENT TOY – The car's intuitive controls and responsive handling make it suitable for beginners while offering opportunities for skill improvement as kids learn to navigate obstacles.
  • 2.4GHz RC AND 360° STUNT RACING – This dynamic RC car is designed to provide endless entertainment for boys and girls alike. With its impressive 360° stunt capabilities and responsive 2.4GHz remote control, it's the perfect off-road toy car gift that promises hours of action-packed fun.
  • ENGAGING PLAY – The combination of speed, stunts, and remote control challenges kids to explore their spatial awareness and coordination dynamically and engagingly.
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The included remote control provides precise control and minimal interference, allowing kids to master the car’s movements with ease. Built with ruggedness in mind, this RC car conquers various terrains, from carpets and grass to gravel and pavement, ensuring versatile play possibilities. Watch in awe as this RC car performs jaw-dropping 360-degree spins and flips, adding an element of excitement and showmanship to playtime. Experience the thrill of speed, stunts, and remote-controlled excitement with our RC Stunt Racing Car for Kids.

The excitement with the 1:22 RC Stunt Racing Car for Kids. This remarkable off-road toy car is not only designed to provide hours of thrilling entertainment but also promotes skill development, creativity, and active play. With its stunning stunts and responsive controls, this versatile RC car promises to be a source of joy and adventure for young racers and explorers. Whether they’re performing daring flips or mastering precise manoeuvres, this RC car guarantees an unforgettable journey of excitement and skill enhancement.

Safety Warning

This product is subject to specific safety warnings Warning:Not suitable for children under 12 years. For use under adult supervision Warning:Toy inside. Adult supervision recommended

Dimensions: 40 x 15 x 20 cm
Model: 3617
Material: Plastic
Age: 12 months – 4 years
Material: Plastic