Mamia Size 7 Peppa Pig Nappy Pants 18 Pack Bundle

Mamia Size 7 Peppa Pig Nappy Pants 18 Pack Bundle with Nappy Sacks & Fragranced Wipes

  • Mamia Size 7 Peppa Pig Nappy Pants 18 Pack + 300 Nappy Sacks & 60 Fragranced Baby Wipes
  • NAPPY PANTS:360° fit for Active Toddlers,Ultra-fit nappy pants,Featuring Peppa Pig,Up to 12 hrs Day & Night protection,Fast Absorption, Soft Comfort, 2 Designs,Size 7 17+kg/37+lbs
  • NAPPY SACKS: 300 Mamia Nappy Sacks,Lightly fragranced, odour neutralising nappy sacks, Tie Handles for easy use, Mother & Baby Awards 2017 Gold,lbp Lovedby Parents Supermarket Of The Year Winner- Gold
  • WIPES: Pleasant Fragrance,Dermatologically Tested,High-Quality Materials,Made from plant based fibres,Versatility,Resealable Packaging

  • Mamia Size 7 Peppa Pig Nappy Pants, a charming and practical solution tailored for your active toddler’s comfort
  • This comprehensive bundle includes 18 nappy pants adorned with Peppa Pig, 300 Nappy Sacks, and 60 Fragranced Baby Wipes, offering a complete set for your child’s changing needs
  • Mamia Size 7 Peppa Pig Nappy Pants provide a 360° fit designed specifically for active toddlers, offering ultra-fit nappy pants that ensure up to 12 hours of day and night protection
  • Featuring the beloved Peppa Pig, these nappy pants add a playful touch to your toddler’s diaper routine
  • With fast absorption and soft comfort, these pants prioritize your child’s well-being, allowing them to stay active and content
  • Boasting two charming designs, these nappy pants are suitable for toddlers weighing 17+kg/37+lbs
  • Included in this bundle are 300 Mamia Nappy Sacks, featuring a lightly fragranced and odour-neutralising design for the convenient and hygienic disposal of used diapers. Recognized with prestigious awards such as the Mother & Baby Awards 2017 Gold and LBP Lovedby Parents Supermarket Of The Year Winner – Gold, these nappy sacks stand out for their quality and reliability
  • Complementing the set are 60 Fragranced Baby Wipes, featuring a pleasant fragrance and dermatologically tested for gentle care. Made from high-quality plant-based fibers, these wipes provide versatility for various cleaning needs. The resealable packaging ensures freshness and convenience with each use
  • Choose Mamia Size 7 Peppa Pig Nappy Pants for a delightful, comfortable, and comprehensive solution that adds a touch of fun to your toddler’s diaper-changing routine
  • Please note that packaging may vary due to product updates from the brand