LK's 44cm Flat Braai Grid Securely Holds Food

LK's 44cm Flat Braai Grid Securely Holds Food for Grilling Outdoor Cooking Barbecue BBQ

  • Securely Holds Food in Place: The "Big Flat Braai Grid" is expertly designed to keep your food securely in place while grilling. This feature is crucial for preventing food from slipping or falling through the grid, ensuring that your grilling experience is smooth, efficient, and free from mishaps. Enjoy perfectly grilled food every time, without the worry of losing any to the flames.
  • Expansive 44 x 33cm Flat Grid: With its generous 44 x 33cm size, this braai grid offers a large cooking surface, perfect for grilling a variety of foods simultaneously. Whether you're cooking for a family gathering or a social event, this grid provides enough space to grill chicken, fish, steaks, burgers, and an assortment of vegetables with ease, making it an essential tool for any barbecue.
  • Essential for Braais & Barbecues: Designed with the braai and barbecue enthusiast in mind, this grid is an indispensable tool for any outdoor cooking event. Its size and design make it perfect for a wide range of grilling tasks, ensuring that your food is cooked to perfection, whether you're hosting a large party or a small, intimate gathering.
  • Perfectly Cooks Food Over Coals/Wood: The Big Flat Braai Grid is not only large but also versatile. It's perfectly suited for cooking over coals or wood, providing that authentic, smoky flavor that is synonymous with outdoor cooking. Whether you're at a campsite, on a fishing trip, or simply enjoying a backyard barbecue, this grid will help you achieve the perfect sear and flavor.
  • Ideal for Outdoor Adventures: This braai grid is not just for home use; it's also perfect for camping, fishing trips, and more. Its robust construction and practical design make it easy to transport and use in various outdoor settings. Whether you're grilling in the great outdoors or your backyard, the "Big Flat Braai Grid" enhances your culinary adventures with its superior grilling capabilities.

Introducing our Big Flat Braai Grid, the ultimate grilling companion designed for outstanding results. With a generous 44 x 33cm cooking area, this grid offers ample space to securely grill a variety of delights, from chicken, fish, steaks, and burgers to a colorful assortment of vegetables. The adjustable height feature ensures the perfect grip for a superb sear, while the sliding ring lock on the handle securely holds your grill in place, giving you the utmost control over your grilling experience. Say goodbye to food mishaps and hello to flawless barbecues with the Big Flat Braai Grid.

Dimensions: 60 x 44 x 33 cm
Model: L000116
Part: L000116
Manufacture: LK's