LED Light Kit for Lego The Turtle Beach House

No Lego Models)

LED Light Kit for Lego The Turtle Beach House 21254 USB Connecting Lighting Set Compatible with Lego 21254(Lights Only, No Lego Models)

  • Designed for Lego 21254:The light kit is especially used for lighting up Lego The Turtle Beach House 21254 Building Kit and making it be more realistic and unique.( Lego Model is not included, Just Light kit)
  • High Quality & Easy to Hide: 2mm tiny wire is easy to be hidden, which will not affect the look of your building model.
  • Two power supply methods are safer and more reliable:The built-in resistance in the light kit can prevent the light from overheating and burning.Power comes from batteries or USB. For a brighter effect, USB is recommended.You can connect the USB cable with a battery box, a power bank, a laptop, an USB-socket or an wall adapter.
  • An Excellent Gift & Great for Creativity : The light kit is an excellent gift for kids who have Lego blocks or for Lego fans . It is a great way for creativity since it is a DIY style to light up your building blocks.
  • Installation Guide(Easy to Install): Coming with an online manual (with video and photos) to guide you step by step. Please install your led light carefully, no over-pulling, bending or over-shaking it to avoid any damage. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via Amazon.

Warmly Tips:
Just LED light kit is for sale, Lego brick models is not included in the package
This light kit for Lego The Turtle Beach House 21254 Building Model is USB powered supplied.
The voltage should be less than 1A 5V to avoid burning.
When you install it, you don’t have to rip apart all the parts. You can cross and hide the wires under the base and make sure the wires lay between the pegs on your bricks.

Safety Warning


Dimensions: 15.24 x 12.7 x 5.08 cm
Model: 21254 light kit
Material: Plastic
Pack Quantity: 1
Age: 14 – 18 years
Assembly: Yes
Material: Plastic
Quantity: 1