JUCJET Walkie Talkies 2023 Upgraded 88E Walkie

16 Channel Handheld 2 Way Radio Rechargeable with Flashlight Li-ion Battery and Charger(4 Pack)

JUCJET Walkie Talkies 2023 Upgraded 88E Walkie Talkie Long Range for Adults with Earpieces, 16 Channel Handheld 2 Way Radio Rechargeable with Flashlight Li-ion Battery and Charger(4 Pack)

  • 【2023 Upgraded version】88E The upgraded The power of the walkie-talkie is increased to 2 w, the unobstructed reception range is increased to 5 miles, The Two-Way Radios has the functions of VOX voice control, scanning, low battery alarm and night flashlight,etc; and the struc ture and function are more enhanced than the previous generation model.
  • 【Smart Design】Walkie Talkie 88E, 16 preset channels can be selected by rotating the knob on the 2 Way Radios to select any channel within the frequency range; Just tune two radios to the same channel, press the call button to talk to others, built-in LED flashlight and emergency call function. Works out of the box, free to operate, no contracts, no phone calls, no bills.
  • 【Long-Range communication】walkie talkies Range is very dependant on terrain;up to 5 miles with no obstructions,less in congested area;work great in a commercial construction or around the house;suitable for security team;maintenance team;construction team;warehouse;factory;kitchen staff;hotel;retail store;at the school;events communications;roadtrip while driving in different cars; The actual distance Depends on the obstruction of the current environment.
  • 【Durable battery】The two-way walkie-talkie can it lasts around 8 to 96 hours on a single charge depending on how much you transmit; it takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge;Each radio comes with a 1500mAh rechargeable , and can be used continuously without worrying about low battery.each Walkie Talkie comes with a single-earbud style earpiece with a microphone built in and a Push-to-Talk button; earpiece plug is K-type of 3.5mm plug and 2.5mm plug;when you plug in the earpiece,all sound goes to the earpiece and the radio speaker is silent;the radio has a VOX function
  • 【After-sales service】JUCJET walkie talkies, provide ✔️24 months warranty and 30 days no reason return Any concerns about the product, please tell us through the Amazon platform,our professional team will solve your after-sales problems as soon as possible.


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