Electric Nasal Aspirator Baby, Baby Nasal

Baby Nasal Aspirator with 9 Suction Levels

Electric Nasal Aspirator Baby, Baby Nasal Aspirator with 9 Suction Levels, Baby Nose Aspirator with Music & Lights, Automatic Nose Cleaner for Newborn Toddlers Childre

  • Safe & Powerful Nasal Aspirator: The 2 silicone suction tips included with this baby nose aspirator are harmless to your baby; and 9 levels of suction, with a maximum pressure of 75kpa, which can quickly relieve severe nasal congestion in a few seconds and effectively clean different levels of nasal mucus and boogers.
  • Good Sealing and Hygienic: This electric nose sucker can automatically suck out mucus in the nose, which is more hygienic than traditional mouth-suction nasal aspirators. It also has good sealing properties, which can effectively prevent nasal mucus from refluxing or leaking, preventing product bacterial production.
  • Soothing Music and Lights: This baby nasal aspirator contains 1 music, 1 light, and the volume of the music and light brightness can be adjusted in 3 levels, which can effectively distract babies' attention, and help parents to easily finish the cleaning work.
  • Large Storage and Easy to Clean: The Baby Nose Aspirator is equipped with a detachable large-capacity liquid reservoir that can be easily removed for cleaning. You can also put it in your bag when you go out so that you can quickly clean your baby's nasal cavity in time.
  • ✈️USB Charging, Long Use Time: Battery 2500mAh, The Electric Nasal Aspirator can be used for 45-60 minutes after fully charged. Parents with babies can carry it with them, which is very convenient whether they are at home or traveling with their babies for a long time.

❓Do you have trouble with your baby’s nasal mucus? Too much snot makes babies feel uncomfortable and may cause some accidents.
✅Our electric nasal aspirator offers nine suction levels that won’t irritate nasal passages and nostrils, featuring stronger suction power than a handheld baby nose sucker, can quickly remove stubborn mucus and gunk deep in the nasal passages, relieving nasal congestion without harming your baby’s delicate nose.
✅Adjustable music and lights can soothe your baby’s mood and distract them, preventing them from crying and resisting when you use the electric nasal aspirator to unclog your baby’s nose.
✅Large storage and good sealing effectively prevent nasal mucus from refluxing or leaking.
✅This baby nasal aspirator has a long battery life and can be used for 60 minutes after a full charge. You can put it in your bag and use it at any time because of its detachable and portable design.
Suitable for children of all ages, from newborns to naughty children, this baby nose sucker is enough to meet the needs of most parents!

Product name: Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator
Suction Range: 50-75KPa
Suction Level: 9 level
Weight: 440g
Size: 21*13*6cm
Battery capacity: 2500mAh

Packing Lists:
1x Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator
2x Silicone Suction Nozzle
1x User Manual
1x Type-C USB Charging Cable
1x Silicone Tube
1x Suction Chamber
1x Tweezer

Brand: bubbacare
Origin: China