CITYE Switch Controller for Switch, Replacement

CITYE Switch Controller for Switch

CITYE Switch Controller for Switch, Replacement Switch Controller with Double Vibration/Wake-Up/Screenshot/Motion Control

  • High-Quality Build – Replacement controllers are crafted with durable materials, ensuring longevity and resilience during intense gaming. They feature responsive buttons and analog sticks, offering a satisfying tactile experience.
  • Wireless Connectivity – These controllers provide seamless wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, allowing for a cable-free gaming experience with low-latency responsiveness, whether you're in handheld mode or playing from a distance.
  • Motion Controls – Replacement controllers feature advanced motion sensors, enhancing gameplay with realistic and interactive movements, from sports to action titles.
  • Ergonomic Design – Designed for comfort during extended gaming sessions, these controllers offer an ergonomic grip suitable for both left and right-handed players, creating a natural and secure hold for a superior gaming experience.
  • Large Capacity Battery – The long-lasting battery life allows for extended gaming sessions, reducing the need for frequent recharging. Incorporate HD rumble technology, taking tactile feedback to the next level, making your gaming adventures even more captivating and dynamic.


Product Description

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