BAOSHISHAN Manual Spin Dryer for Clothes 9L Mini

BAOSHISHAN Manual Spin Dryer for Clothes 9L Mini Spin Dryer Non-Electric Portable Clothes Dryer With Drain Pipe for Apartment Dorm Camping [Energy Class A+++]

  • Fast Dehydration: This manual spin dryer speed can reach 2500 RPM, high-speed rotation for about 10s dehydration rate can reach more than 85%, the specific dehydration time depends on the size of clothing and material, usually 40-50s can complete a small blanket.
  • 9L Capacity: The inner barrel capacity of the dryer is 9L, which is detachable and can accommodate approximately 7-8 pieces of spring/summer clothing or 3-4 pieces of autumn/winter clothing at once. Not limited to clothing, suitable for dehydrated underwear, socks, towels, ties, pants, etc., without damaging clothing.
  • Easy Entertainment: The overall design of the dryer is ergonomic, allowing every user to easily control it. The operation is simple, with easy dehydration achieved by pulling and pulling, while also being able to exercise like fitness equipment, making household chores no longer boring.
  • Compact Design: The spin dryer adopts advantageous PP+ABS plastic+301 stainless steel material, with a compact body structure. The bottom suction cup makes the dryer more stable, and the external drainage port is equipped with a drainage pipe for easy disassembly. The manual pull rope handle design provides a comfortable grip.
  • Application: The dryer is suitable for people with certain strength, such as high school students and college students. It is designed to be lightweight and suitable for various environments, such as dormitories, apartments, boats, camping, and fishing.

Weight: 3.3 kg
Dimensions: 42 x 33 x 39 cm; 3.3 Kilograms
Part: FBA-243CYL
Batteries Required: No

Product Description

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