Allis Baby 3-in-1 Natural Wooden Learning Tower

Allis Baby 3-in-1 Natural Wooden Learning Tower, Toddler Steps, Montessori Kitchen Helper for Kids Step Stool with Adjustable Shelves (Natural Wood)

  • 3-in-1 Design: Transform the Learning Tower into a creative hub with a flip! Use it as a sturdy learning, convert it into a Kids Easel Whiteboard and Blackboard
  • Adjustable Height Levels: Customize the tower's height with three adjustable levels to suit your child's growing needs. The 2-step panel height can also be easily adjusted, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment for your little one
  • Easy Mobility: Designed with convenience in mind, our Learning Tower features sided handles for easy movement. Effortlessly relocate it around the house to accommodate your child's activities and exploration
  • Removable Felt Storage Hanging Bag: Keep your child's cooking utensils, coloring pens, and other essentials organized with the detachable felt storage bag. Hang it on the side for quick and easy access to supplies during playtime or learning sessions
  • Portable Whiteboard and Blackboard: The 2-sided white and blackboard is not only removable but also lightweight, allowing your child to take their creative space anywhere in the house. Encourage drawing and writing skills in various settings
  • Our extra-large step panels ensure your children's safety to the fullest extent possible
  • Stable Feet Design: Our learning tower is equipped with specially engineered stable feet, providing an extra layer of security. The broad base ensures optimal stability, preventing any wobbling or tipping, allowing your child to explore and learn with confidence
  • Made from Plywood
  • Easy assemble, waterproof and easy to clean
  • Size: 91.5 x 41 (not ininclude stable feet) x44.3cm

Introducing our versatile 3-in-1 Learning Tower, designed to inspire creativity and foster independence in your little ones! This innovative kids’ furniture piece seamlessly transitions between a Learning Tower, a Kids Easel with a Whiteboard and Blackboard, making it a must-have addition to your child’s play and learning space. Invest in your child’s growth and creativity with our 3-in-1 Learning Tower. Crafted with safety, mobility, and functionality in mind, it’s the perfect addition to any home where learning and play seamlessly come together.

Size: 91.5 x 41 (not ininclude stable feet) x44.3cm
Dimensions: 44.3 x 41 x 91.5 cm
Brand: Allis Baby
Model: LT01-Natural
Colour: Natural Wood
Colour: Natural Wood
Size: 91.5 x 41 (not ininclude stable feet) x44.3cm