1000 Natural Firelighters Eco Wood Wool

1000 Natural Firelighters Eco Wood Wool Firestarters Sustainably Sourced – Ready to Burn & Non Toxic – For Outdoor Garden Open Fires Pizza Ovens BBQ's Cooking Stove Grills Barbecue Burner Fire Pits

  • Introducing Eco Wood Wool Firelighters, a natural and eco-friendly solution for lighting your fires. Crafted from sustainably sourced wood and wool, these firelighters are soaked in clean candle and beeswaxes, providing a safe and efficient way to ignite your fires.
  • Each box of Eco Wood Wool Firelighters contains approximately 200 units, ensuring you have an ample supply to keep your fires going.
  • What sets these firelighters apart is their chemical-free and non-toxic composition. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and accelerants, as these firelighters are designed to be completely safe for both you and the environment.
  • Perfect for grills and barbeques, these firelighters offer an added advantage – they won't contaminate your food with any unwanted chemicals or unpleasant odours.
  • Enjoy your outdoor cooking experiences with peace of mind, knowing that Eco Wood Wool Firelighters have your safety and satisfaction in mind.
  • With box dimensions of 30cm x 24cm x 16cm, these firelighters are conveniently packaged, making them easy to store and transport.
  • Embrace the natural way to light your fires with Eco Wood Wool Firelighters and experience the joy of a cleaner and greener fire-lighting solution.
  • 1000 Firelighters (5 Boxes of 200)

Eco Wood Wool firelighters are a natural product made from sustainably sourced wood, wool and soaked with clean candle and bees waxes. Each box holds approx. 200 firelighters. Our wood wool firelighters: Contain no chemicals or accelerants. Are completely non-toxic. Smell absolutely lovely. Are ideal for grills and barbeques; because they are completely non-toxic. They won’t taint your food with chemicals or unpleasant odours. Are extremely effective – only one firelighter is needed to light coal, wood briquettes or large firewood logs. Each firelighter is 9cm long and burns for 10 minutes. Box dimensions 30cm x 24cm x 16cm

Dimensions: 30 x 16 x 24 cm
Model: 10350212