PREMIUM GOLD Electric Gel Gun Blaster, 20000

PREMIUM GOLD Electric Gel Gun Blaster

PREMIUM GOLD Electric Gel Gun Blaster, 20000 Balls, 5x Attachments, SAFETY GOGGLES INCLUDED, Gel Blasters Gell Ball Gun, MAGAZINE ATTACHMENTS & RECHARGABLE BATTERY Electic water ball pistol

  • ✔️ AMMUNITION SUPPLY: Receive a substantial 20,000 gel balls of ammunition with your purchase, ensuring you have more than enough rounds to shoot until the sun goes down. Just soak the beads for roughly 4 hours and you're ready to go! Just load them straight into 1 of the 3 Magazines!
  • ✔️ PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Crafted with hardened, anti-break materials to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • ✔️ VERSATILE ATTACHMENTS: This product comes with multiple attachments, mix and match to find your style! A Lazer, Suppressor AND 3 DIFFERENT magazines to choose from. Play how you want with this gel water gun!
  • ✔️ EXTREME RANGE: Experience an extended range, allowing you to shoot at a distance of between 75ft-100ft. No one is safe from your sights with new and improved spring loading features seen nowhere else on the market!
  • ✔️ INCLUDES SAFETY GOGGLES: Protect your eyes during use with the included safety goggles, adding an extra layer of security to your activities. Safety First, ALWAYS.

ALL DAY FUN – Rechargeable battery packs with USB charging cable makes the fun endless. The gel ball blaster has 2 modes, automatic electric assisted and manual firing mode. Automatic mode can be activated by turning the switch on the side of the orby gun. If the automatic electric mode is switched off, you can pull back the rear to load the spring to shoot 1 at a time! SO MUCH AMMO – 20,000 gell balls means you’re set and ready to go! (JUST REMEMBER TO SOAK THE BEADS IN WATER FIRST, 4 HOURS FOR FULL ABSORBTION) BLOWBACK – realistic blowback makes us a step above the competition! ALL THE ATTACHMENTS – we offer up 3 different magazines, a laser and a suppressor so you can choose how you want it to look! Plus, having a choice is always nice! BIODEGRADABLE GEL – the jel balls are biodegradable and safe, however they leave a small mess so we advise you don’t use the gelblaster indoors! PLAIN AND SIMPLE FUN – whether you set up targets or cans this gel gun water blaster is perfect for yourself, your kids or as a gift for birthdays and Christmas!

Dimensions: 29.5 x 7.8 x 17.9 cm; 850 Grams
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Yes