Younik Steam Deck Case, Carry Case for Steam Deck

Younik Steam Deck Case

Younik Steam Deck Case, Carry Case for Steam Deck Console & Accessories, Protective Hard Shell Travel Backpack for Steam Deck and Switch

  • ✔Tailored for Steam Deck: Our carry case offers multiple-layer storage space and a specialized structure, providing powerful protection for your Steam Deck, Switch console and accessories
  • ✔Sharp and Modern Design: A Steam Deck case with classic look, smooth curves, cool zippers and D-shaped buckle details that give it a unique charm. It's all about stylish and functional
  • ✔Superior Protection: Durable PU material resists scratches and impacts effectively, finely crafted with sturdy stitching maintains the Steam Deck bag a stable shape
  • ✔Large-enough Capacity: This Steam Deck carry case offers an orginised space, perfect to storage more than 10 devices, ensuring your accessories stay organized on the go
  • ✔Carry-Friendly: With a comfortable handle and adjustable shoulder strap, this steam deck carrying case is easy for portable and ideal for gaming on the move

Dimensions: 36.5 x 19.6 x 15.7 centimetres
Model: YKY-003
Part: YKY-003
Colour: Black
Colour: Black

Product Description

steam deck bagsteam deck bagsteam deck bagsteam deck bagsteam deck bagsteam deck bag

Waterproof Fabric

steam deck bagsteam deck bag

YK Younik and Younik are owned by the same company.

YK Younik is a sub-brand of Younik, a new brand image we created to appeal to a different demographic.

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