Suprills Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack Heavy Duty 2

Suprills Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack Heavy Duty 2 Ton Low Profile Trolley Jack Lifting Jack for Car Van Garage Tyre Repair – Efficient Car Jack and Trolley Jack for Garage and Auto Repai

  • 2 ton trolley jack: Designed to lift up to 2 ton, this trolley jack is ideal for heavy-duty applications in your home garage. It's a powerful hydraulic jack that can handle bigger vehicles with ease, ensuring safety and efficiency.
  • Car lifts for home garage: This 2 ton trolley jack can double up as a car lift for your home garage. Easy to operate, it's perfect for performing routine checks and maintenance tasks on your vehicle.
  • Hydraulic Jack and Trolly Car Jack: The kit features a high-quality hydraulic jack and a trolly car jack. They offer easy maneuverability and efficient lifting, making it an essential car maintenance tool.
  • Wide Lifting Range: Offers a lifting range from 135mm to 290mm, accommodating various vehicles.

Discover the power and convenience of our 2-ton trolley car jack, the ultimate tool for every car owner, mechanic, or anyone needing to lift a vehicle safely and efficiently. This trolley jack is not just a car jack, it’s a reliable partner for routine or emergency situations. With its sturdy hydraulic system, it boasts strength comparable to a bottle jack and the mobility of a car trolley jack. The trolley car jack is designed making it an excellent fit for cars with minimal ground clearance. Our jack kit is more than a simple car jack. It includes axel stands and a transmission jack, making it a comprehensive solution for lifting tasks. It further exhibits the practicality of a car lift, with the compactness and convenience of car jacks. This makes it a great alternative to car lifts for home garage use. For those owning heavier vehicles, fear not. Our car jack hydraulic system can lift up to 2 tons, trolley jack. It’s also a great fit for those seeking a reliable hydraulic jack. The trolley jack is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Its hydraulic system is meticulously crafted for smooth functioning, making it a premium choice among car jacks. Our car jack kit is truly the epitome of convenience and functionality. With its versatility and robust performance, it surpasses standard jacks and stands. Whether you need a lift for routine maintenance, a tire change, or an emergency, our trolley car jack is your dependable companion. Elevate your garage tools collection with this powerful and versatile jack. Invest in our trolley car jack today, and experience the difference in quality and performance. It’s not just a jack – it’s a game-changer in your garage

Weight: 5.5 kg
Dimensions: 38 x 18 x 13 cm; 5.5 Kilograms
Brand: Suprills
Manufacture: Suprills
Reference: DT1502