Howay High Pressure Grease Tip Adapter Quick Lock

Howay High Pressure Grease Tip Adapter Quick Lock Coupler Lube Pro Plus High Pressure Grease Coupler Fits All Grease (2pcs)

  • Greasing is a messy job, but it doesn't have to be a frustrating one. Upgrade your grease today with High Pressure Grease Coupler and start saving grease, saving time, avoid grease leaking and get rid of the daily frustrations that bad greasing equipment brings.
  • High Pressure Grease Coupler is a great handy tools can be used for applying lubricants and greases to various mechanical or moving parts. They are widely used by mechanics, engineers, and hobbyists alike. High Pressure Grease Coupler are well designed to deliver lubrication under pressure, forcing it into areas of a rotary bearing which may otherwise be very tricky to reach without disassembly.
  • Using a High Pressure Grease Coupler to lubricate a joint or bearing enables better precision, pressure and flow control in applying the grease and delivering it to areas that would otherwise be difficult to access. When greasing is easier, it gets done more often. Regular greasing improves machine life and uptime.


1.Easy lock-on and off

2.High pressure oil injection

3.High elastic spring

4.Stable and durable with longer service life

5.Ergonomic design, more labor-saving


1.Lock on the grease injection nozzle of the grease .

2.Clip it on the oil nozzle and loosen it.

3.After docking, you can easily inject oil.


1 x High-Pressure Grease Coupler

2 x High-Pressure Grease Coupler

Brand: Howay
Model: High Pressure Grease Coupler
Manufacture: Howay