Electric Ear Wax Removal Kit, Multi-Functional

Multi-Functional 4-Modes Water Ear Wax Removal Kit

Electric Ear Wax Removal Kit, Multi-Functional 4-Modes Water Ear Wax Removal Kit, Complete Ear Cleaning Irrigation Kit, Ear Wax Remover for Adults and Kids Jacekee

  • ↪Large Capacity: The electric ear cleaner has a 500ml container that can meet the needs of a single ear cleaning without the need to add water frequently. It also comes with a variety of accessories
  • ↪4 gears: Achieve the perfect clean for your ears with our electric ear cleaner's 4 adjustable gears. Each gear is designed to target different degrees of ear canal obstruction, catering to different groups of people.
  • ↪Long Battery Life: Keep cleaning your ears for up to 6 months without the hassle of frequent charging. Our electric ear cleaner boasts a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, which comes with a USB charging cable for easy and convenient charging.
  • ↪Ear Canal Health: This multifunctional electric ear cleaner can effectively remove earwax and improve ear canal blockage, making your ears feel more comfortable and relieving ear discomfort.
  • ↪With replaceable nozzles: Ensure the hygiene of your family's ear cleaning process with this electric ear cleaner that provides a painless, side-effect-free ear irrigation system. Equipped with replaceable nozzles, it's safe and hygienic for everyone to use.

Keep your family’s ears clean and healthy with our Water Ear Cleaner. Choose the corresponding gear for each member and enjoy a battery life of up to 6 months. With powerful suction, our ear cleaner can effectively remove earwax, ensuring safe and hygienic ear cleaning for the whole family.

Name: electric ear wax removal kit
Material: ABS+silica gel
Working voltage: 3.55-4.2V
Indicator color: white, red, green
Continuous working time: After fully charged, about 8.5 hours in the first gear and about 4 hours in the fourth gear;
Product rate power: 1.5W
Product charging voltage: 5V±0.25V
Current: 800mA±30mA (charging when the battery is discharged)
Charging time: about 2.5 hours
Waterproof function: The product is not waterproof, and the area in contact with the bottle mouth is waterproof
Charging method: Type-c charging cable charging method charging
Product size: 17.2*15.4*4.7cm/6.77*6.06*1.85inches

Electric Ear Cleaner*1
Instruction Manual*1
Charging Cable*1
Water Retaining Disc*1

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